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August 16, 2005



I just think it's great you guys are showing your love of chub. I think stocky guys are hot. Yum.

Keep up the good work!


Mmmm...Now was that woman in the last picture posing for you...or is she just that fabulous that she walks around in a perma-Vogue-esque fashion?


Absolutely hilarious. I almost made water in my pants


That "daddy" is hot. :P


Love to see other guys who love the 'steaks' as they are commonly called here. Enjoy your site! Thanks for the smiles while I read at work.


I say - God Damn! That's a lot of chunk.


I like it when people can just be comfortable, in "gay society" there is so much pressure to be perfect; when in reality, most guys are just normal. I say let it be... don't let yourself be unhealthy or obese, but don't worry about not having that damn six pack. I have always preferred my man to have a little belly, and that is never going to change!


slightly beefy guys rule (and chicks too). Skinny is grody.



Kind of Grossed Out

Um, how is a lack of fitness hot?
I am having a hard time understanding how a man with breasts is sexually arousing.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'll take the Greek ideal of sloth anyday.

Chunk is gross.


I guess if they had cute faces I wouldn't care so much about their bellies.


I'm pretty sure the guy holding the can is Billy Zane....
As a female I have to say, long live the chunk! Chunk is way better than skinny or muscled.

Someone Else

Really cut muscley guys are fun to look at, but I love regular guys. Analogy: caviar vs a nice grilled filet; sure the caviar is special and kind of a treat, but it's fussy stuff and the filet is what you can to dig into and what you really want. That's my best off-the-cuff analogy....

But yeh, very nice. Not all the guys here were quite what I like, but "regular" is hot.

I think this should be a regular feature for this new (hooked) reader form FRM.

Someone Else

And god bless those clingy shorts those guys wear.


Mmm, mmm. Those are my kind of guys. (And here I thought I was nuts for liking mine like that!)


Hell yeah! I love stocky guys too! That daddy is especially nice. WOOF!


I have to agree with Rich and Dino here. Loves me the straight chunk. The gay chunk isn't always hot, and therefore more exciting when a hot chunky hunky gay dude is discovered. That's why i hang in the bear scene, duh.

But my favorite breed has got to be that "Daddy." And yes, Rich, not Daddy Daddy, but mmmm just pure and simple DIFLs. Dads I've Love To FUCK. Meet me in the bathroom on the boardwalk and I'll swallow. I promise.

PS: Hahahaha Rich just walks around the Jersey shore snapping pictures at unbeknownst straighties. That is also a hobby of mine! And of questionable legal standing.


Gives me some of that chunk in the trunk anytime, boo. Sorry folks, but if your chunkdaddy doesn't have that hard beer belly with the firm thick muscley arms, full beard and hairy chest with firm nipz, then I might THINK about letting you hit mine, 'k?


@ Laura:

You are not alone. There. Are. Others. Like. You. :)


I think you will like this:

Tons of men like you describe at the beach in spandex.


I like the lil pooch as the ladies like to call it, my bf use to have muscles until he started working alot and now he thinks he's fat but I think he looks sexier then before!

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