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August 05, 2005


Rachel ny-er

HEY! I rely on you for my weekly B.B.B. update, where is it!?!




all this living in a hotel is not giving me any dirt on where bobby keeps his black love poop digging tools out.

inquiring minds want to know!

Audrey Lurie

I've met Bobby Brown a few times at a famous pizza place in Stoughton, MA.

He really seems to be picking up on his fatherly responsibilities.

He's commited to come and watch me perform someday... Yup and I'm holdin' my breath! LOL

Ok Bobby...I mentioned it once and you said to my daughter (b 4 you knew it was my daughter ) 'she "always" asks me to come and hear her"....

OH YEAH...MR. ALWAYS!!! Care to retract that erroneous statement??? Hee hee hee...

You are so funny. Anyway enough about you! I would love to meat Whitney some day.

No offense but I was a super fan of hers before I knew of you!

Now hows' this.....I could have reached you almost 20 years ago through mutual friends of ours!!! SO, the rumour of "making it big" through you is soooo false!

You see...I'm already awesome man!

I'm most known for Led Zepplin! and got those room full of lighters going..on my own...and several times!!!

You know..you need to bring Whitney back...along with balancing your family and career! It's your responsibility. You have to regenerate her life and career!

I would love to help! During the day, I'm a senior person at a local hospital and on weekends...R U Ready!!!!

I'm your most favorite 'Sweetie' Hostess with the mostess!!!

Keep up the good work and we'll talk again soon!

Saturday is best!!! but you already know that!

And If I didn't say it before...thanks for shutting the faucet off in the men's facilities for us! Much Appreciated!

Your new High Paid PR person....if you accept my terms of employment!



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