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August 05, 2005



Unfortunately it was more about bobby and less about the lady with class. But the part where she refuses to let bobbi xtina buy a short skirt is classic.

best parts of the mp3s
Wendy- asking who else lives in the estate
Whit: Jesus (cackling after response), everyone else may come and go but jesus is a constant stay.

Or when asked about her implants
Whit: My husband looooves them, he looooooooves them.

I love my jersey girl


HAHAH I remember this WW interview with Ms. Brown. I think Wendy was scurred. And rightly so. Whitney can split a lip.


Please hurry with the rest of the recaps!!! I may just catch some skenecia if u don't!!!!


Ha! Who didn't have to get ripped after those performances. But I'm feeling the love for Bobby especially after downloading Tenderoni ... think it will be my wedding song.


Hey Rich,

Just wrote a long message to you and lost it. Oh well, just the question now. Where can I find the version of Whitney's LOVE THAT MAN (used on the video that you posted at the end of B3) LOVE IT!!! Please answer soon.


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