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August 29, 2005


I'm so glad you mentioned this freak! What the HELL was that spectacle all about?? I was embarrassed just watching him!


That R. Kelly business was easily the lamest shit I've seen in a very long time. It was like watching my nieces and nephews do their annual Thanksgiving skit show, only now they seem freaking INSPIRED by comparison. I cringed.


I kept thinking that this show looked like stuff they rejected at Cirque de Soleil.

You think he could have at least PRETENDED he was singing live. Well, I at least have to give him credit for having the balls to go out there, undeniably lip synch and look like a total jackass while apparently not caring at all how idiotic he looked. I guess if I were making money off of the stupidest song ever recorded, I might not care either. His "performance" reminded me of the commercials I see for those low rent touring black musicals like "Younger Man, Older Woman" starring Millie Jackson. Can "Older Man, Preteen Girl" starring R be far behind?


That is brilliant. Someone get Tyler Perry on the phone.


I say, R., keep the "Closets" coming! "Hip-Hop"era is a guilty pleasure.

PS, Please talk about Mariah Carey and the gay man (me) who died in disappointment.

Tipsy McStaggers

I want to nominate myself as your beard shoudl the need ever arise - you are the funniest ever!! My sister and I have a game called "douchebag or dicklick" - a dicklick is more of an intentional asshole, while a douchebag is just, well, a douche. We played it last night over hte phone while watching the VMA's and had a blast - we agreed with you mostly, but I think "Diddy" is on the fence as far as being a dicklick.


I was trying very hard to explain Trapped in the Closet, to a friend. Needless o say, I could not come up with the words. Thank you so much for commentary on the funniest video(s) ever.


My poor husband was just confused by R. Kelly. He thought it was perhaps a spoof. Poor man, now he's just walking around with a really strange look on his face. He asked me who actually purchased that shit. I had no answers for him, it is indeed a strange world we live in.


The whole VMA show was a HUGE waste of time, except for Mariah's mere presence. Or Maybe at my advanced age of 25, i'm just getting too appreciate this mess.

i eat shit


yall really need to quit hatin. that Trapped in the Closet stuff is off the hook. R. Kelly need to keep em comin. dont hate, appreciate!


I Have To Agree With Ice'es Stop Hating This Song (Or Songs/Soap Oprea) Is The Best Stuff I Have ever Herad Stop Hating Whatever Happened To "Innoncent Till Proven Guilty"


dd he KILL hiss wife


Yall need to stop putting R. Kelly's name in the dirt because No Matter how much bad he do or What he do people still buy his music so stop tripping. He not losing no money off of one person NOR two so find something else better to do with your time.


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That is brilliant. Someone get Tyler Perry on the phone.

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