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August 26, 2005


Tiger Lilly

Seriously though, who the hell has she beatedn up? And why come she can't do something better with the hair?? I don't understand. I used to love her. Was she always that crazy?


I'm not a big Coral, from the Real World, fan but that "I beat bitches up" quote is hilarious and even more because Whitney loves it! And why is there always some random shit flying out of Bobby's mouth (it ain't always food either!)? Ewww!


Cracks....sure does alot of damage to brain cells LOL. What on earth happen to this lady? I remember one time in the episode..they were dancing and singing while buying classes? WTH!


I fucking love this site. Heh.

veronica ogletree

Disappointing, ghetto-ass, crackhead Whitney Houston-Brown. I know your mother is ashamed of you.

You've neglected your daughter for blows up the nose. She is begging for love and normalsy!

You've now fucked up your children's lives, Whitney and Bobby, with your embarrassing antics, embarrassed the black communities all over the world and still try to justify it by giving praise to the lord!!
Ask him for forgiveness and pay attention to your children.

Whitney, do something with the hair. Shave the shit off...you can pull it off, you got a long ass neck.

Bobby, excercise, stop drinking, your gonna die early if you don't.


I wish that I had enough money, so that I could just act a damn fool all day. And if I did, I can guarantee that I probably would.


WHY hasn't bobby fixed his teeth??



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