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August 24, 2005



I miss Winston..going through winstdrawals.


1100 calories!?! Jesus Christ!


The chipotlefan "nutrtional" calculator is a nightmare. And super addictive. Essentially, if you NEVER get sour cream, guac or cheese, and get black instead of pinto, and only the chicken, you can make it out of there alive. I mean, you'll be fat, but alive.


52grams of fat?!?!?! And that sodium is crazy. Never heard of this chipotle, but thanks for the heads up, I won't ever go there now.


My bf and I used to go to chipotle as a "healthier option" for lunch every now and then..until he was bored one day and looked at the nutritional info on the website...at which point we immediately began to "purge"...

As long as you're looking at scary nutritional info, take a peek at the starbucks website.


Yeah, but look at what's in the burrito. Guac and sour cream. If you get the "burrito bol" (sans tortilla) and hold the guac, sour cream, and cheese, its much healthier. And Chipotle is one of the healthiest companies when it comes to the quality of their food. Steve has really dedicated himself to high quality ingredients. Only using meat supplier who don't use hormones, etc. It's even begun to change the way McDonalds corporate approaches their suppiers.


Lord have mercy-and I remember a few months ago when me and my beau went into Chipotle and ordered this, thinking 'oh, this is better than hitting McD's'! NEVER AGAIN. I can't stand my 34" waist at it is!


SHIT! That burrito is so bad!!!! OH MY GOD! There are much better burrito places here, thank GOD! it isn't even that good at Chipotle!

And... here's hoping there is another season of Being Bobby Brown!!! (shut up, just shut up shut up, shut up, just shut up shut up... Thanks Whitney!)


The problem isn't what's in the burrito -- it's the size. Does anyone seriously think that something the size of Chipotle's burritos would be 250 calories?


I love it when you talk about you cats!!! Maybe i'm just crazy (ok I am) but i'm a cat person and of course I own one her name is Meowmagic so the the fact that I names her that tells a lot about me.

Ronald Reagan

Just say no to drugs!


The website for Chipotle says you can make "65,535 combinations" of a burrito or a bowl.

The problem is, thier nutrition facts are nowhere to be found on thier website.

Why is this? Well, for starters, they are owned by the McDonalds corporation.
(Insert your own media-spun propaganda here)

Whether that is good or bad, or just darn funny, is typical of what makes this country great.

Now, I'm not saying I don't like Mcdonalds! I loved them as much as the next guy who loved quick food at a super-cheap price. I just choose not to eat there anymore because thier food is not in my scope of what I deem as healthy food.

The average healthy person in the US as defined by http://www.fitness.gov/fitness.html is one who does a minimum of 4+ hours of excersize a week.
(Thats 40+ minutes a day sustained excersize for 6 days straight)
And, eats an average daily total of around 2000 calories, or 14,000 calories per week.

The average beginner athlete, or those on a specific or personal strength training and cardio program (like me) is someone who does moderate strength training for a minimum 20+ minutes a day and sustained medium-high intensity cardio for at least 30-40 minutes day, 6 days a week.
And eats a daily total of around 620-900 calories of SPECIFIC healthy foods and around a 60/40/40 split of Protien, good carbs, and good fats for a weekly total of around 5440 calories.
(Those on a hardcore weight training regiment eat around 1500-2000 calories a day.)

I am in the second category, and I've been tracking my results in my blog here: http://www.ragecg.com/bushido/?page_id=17

One would think that the second category of folks would gain TONS of fat, but in reality, the motabolic rate at which this group burns through calories of the proper type is FAR greater than the first group of people, obviously.

It is correct in that 3500 calories make up one pound of body weight.

Using these facts, and the famous http://www.chipotlefan.com/index.php?id=nutrition_calculator Chipotle Calorie Counter, here are the numbers straight up as to why folks who are part of the daily drive-thru culture are generaly more obese, and only getting worse:

Take my buddy for example, he eats at chipotle 4 times a week, and Subway, LeeAnn Chin's, BK or "Micky D's" the rest of the week.
Sadly, this is VERY common world-wide, as I used to do this myself every day for 15 years! :)
My favorite days were when Subway did thier 2 footlongs for 8 bucks, as I'd put both a footlong Meatball and a footlong Seafood away in one sitting!
Just the Subway alone is a whopping 2157 calories!

...anyway, the first "average" american I spoke of above, when sticking to thier routine, will only burn an average of around 80-120 calories per workout, and around 180-240 calories a day total for a weekly total of around: 1540 calories.

The second category of people (like me) burn an average of 120-230 calories per workout, and around 300-420 calories a day for a weekly total of 2870+ calories burned.

With these numbers in mind, lets do the math for someone who eats like the "typical" drive-thru fan, like my buddy:

Eating at Chipotle only 3 times a week, one basic stripped-down chicken burrito, and a basic Subway 6" Turkey etc. the rest of the week will total an average of 7066 calories.
And this is JUST lunch, only ONE meal a day, and the average american eats 3 meals a day like this.
So, even if this person ate a SMALL meal for breakfast and dinner accounting for about 150-300 calories each per meal, the grand total brings us to a weekly calorie intake of about: 9866 calories.

Using the max calories burned per day from the above averages:

People in Category #1:
Consume around 9866 calories a week, and only burn off 1470 of those calories totaling to an average weight GAIN of 8396 calories, or 2.4 pounds per week!

People in Category #2:
Consume around 5440 calories a week, and burn off 2870 of those calories totaling to an average weight GAIN of 2570 calories, or a little under 1/4 of a pound per week, which is most often converted to lean muscle instead of fat, thus increasing metabolic rate, thus.... well, you get the idea:)

The folks in Category #2 have another advantage in that the foods we eat are designed and prepared for maximum energy, protien absorbtion, and good carbs and fats resulting in food that is WAY easier to burn off than foods full of trans fats, saturated fat and excess empty calories.

...and NO, it is NOT that hard to eat healthier, and workout like this every day.
Trust me, I used to be known by my friends as the one who ate for the apacolypse!
"...Izzy's gettin his apacolypse meal again. Said my friend Todd."

At first, I thought it would be so hard I would probably die of a heart attack due to the stress my body has not seen in over 15 years, but after doing it for 2 months straight so far, it only gets easier, and actually gets to be fun.

My point to this whole rant is to show the impact one can have by making simple changes to one's daily routine and lifestyle, and how this sort of culture can spiral out of control quickly.

I had to make some MAJOR life changes to get in the grove that I'm in now, and without setting concrete goals, and sticking to them with proper motivation, I'd still be depressed and morbidly obese.

The funny thing is, those folks who say "Well, I gotta buy all this gym equipment for thousands of dollars to do that!" WRONG! I went to Wal-Mart online and got a whole GOLDS GYM setup for only 107 bucks after shipping! Then I bought 2 weight sets for 20 bucks each, and I'm totaly set till I start my advanced weight training in Jan.

Good luck to anyone attempting to change thier life, as it is not an easy thing to do.



There is a more accurate calculator at http://www.ChipotleLovers.com -- You can specify quantities on each of the items.

I have 2 points as well:
- The burrito is obviously physically much larger than the big mac. If you eat the whole thing in one sitting, you're getting what you deserve. Have a little common sense and split it up
- There are such things as good fats and bad fats. You absolutely need fat to live. Big macs have generally bad fat, Chipotle burritos have generally good fat.


Stop freaking out, cut the cheese/sour cream and you'll be okay.

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On the above poster who calculated the weekly burned / intake ratio...

Your calculations are severely flawed you are failing to calculate the natural caloric burn rate that each body has to survive. A male of my size will naturally burn between 1500-2000 calories daily for processes such as breathing, temperature regulation, heart beat etc.

So take the 2500 calories that somone consumes in a day. Minus the natural burn + the extra calories expended (through working out) and you have your daily surpluss or loss. that is why it is such a slow process to lose or gain weight. Generally if you are eating properly and working out properly you will be negative about 500 calories a day. multiply that by about 7 days and you lose one pound of fat.

That is why most people cannot sustain weight loss... its a slow and steady process and most people do not have the mental stamina.


CHIPOTLE is not owned by McDonald's; it is a publicly held company (majority owned by McDonalds) and is traded at around $100 a share (52 week high of $155.49 and MKT Cap of 1.44B and P/E Ratio: 46.60)! NYSE symbol CMG... stop spreading such a vicious fallacy

Considering how large a company CMG is, they are very responsible and push for higher quality, better ingredients... You find any other large chain that exclusively uses free ranged beef (i certainty can't)! their food tastes good and is morally responsible... whether you can have that and a burrito the size of your head that is calorie conscious (without using modified foods)is damn near impossible -(atleast without sacrificing taste). If you are stupid enough to think that real food has no calories then you should just stop eating!




I'd just like to say that Rage completely miscalculated. He said that a person only burns 1470 calories per week. Even if lying in bed all day, a petite woman burns 1200 calories a DAY for her basic bodily functions like breathing, heart beat, and thinking.

This is what causes eating disorders, people.

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