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August 17, 2005



It's not even 6A yet, and thanks to you I've already snorted, chortled and guffawed. All fall under the trite LOL umbrella. From "is he all cat" on, I had tears. Thanks again.


i just wanted to write and say i love your cat...which makes me feel like i am cheating on my cats...

Tipsy McStaggers

I hate cats, but I heart Winston! He is so funny and looking v. sassy since his hair has grown back after the unfortunate shaving debacle.
Great work - this has become one of my fave blogs!


This site keeps getting better and better.

I heart Winston & Rudy.


I love that you likened him to a Miyazaki character. Only, he doesn't scare me, and some of those do (i.e. creepy deer-thing from Princess Mononoke). That video was hilarious too. As for the sleeping photos, I bet there is a cat ballet going on in Winston's head. I bet that is it.


I LOVE WINSTON!!!! I always get so excited when I see Winston updates on your site. I wish you would write a book about him with LOTS OF PICTURES!!! I feel he has a lot to teach all of us.

Thank you for sharing Winston.


For as long as I can remember...well, like a year, Mr. Winkle has been my favorite dearly beloved Internet pet. I mean, having neither love nor hate for cats and being a puppy fanatic, my love for Winkle just grew and grew. Then my sister, Karla, (see her post there?) starting yakking away about Winston and something happened...I became a Winston freak! Winston is just about the best looking and most hysterical cat I have ever seen and I can't get enough of him! I will EAT him!!!! Thanks for putting the time into this blog!


My daughters cat does the same bizarre dying noise! Buttercup is half persian so maybe it's some kind of long haired cat language. He also does a similar noise at her door when it is closed. He's got a small obsession with her.
On a funny note- I am now surrounded by all four of my cats looking strangely at the screen.


I'm as much in love with Winston as my two sisters Karen and Karla D. (see their messages below). He is the most adorable cat I've ever seen. And, a big thank you to you for saving him and taking care of his special needs. Animals deserve our love!


i hate cats, but i like looking at pictures of yours :D


I heart Winston!!
I want a cat like him!
What is he?


Why can't my two terrors be more like Winston? Both of our cats were adopted street cats and are not nearly as cute as your baby.


I LOVE WINSTON!!!! I WANT TO EAT HIM!!!!! he is sooo yummy! Bless you for putting the Winston feature on here......I cannot get enough.......

Michael K

Winston's Hot


when is the Winston book coming out?


Winston is the best internet pet---ever!


Where is your other cat when Winston sings for his food? Is Winston the First Feeder Cat? (Alpha Cat?)


i can't get enough of Winston!!! I love him!!!


Winston is so awesome! I don't even know how I found your site, but I've got it bookmarked now because I've become another one of Winston's followers. I love Rudy, too. The way he won't actually let you hold him...but just stands on you...my cat does that, too. It's so cute and annoying all at the same time. Anyway, thanks for the laughs!


Thanks for this great site and ooooh sooo sweet Winston. I just LOVE that cat.


I am in love with your cat. Seriously. I used to have a siamese named Winston, and it's one of my favorite cat names ever. I hope more people adopt cats from only hope and give them good homes like you did.


I would have said that Winston was all cat, but after seeing that video - he really does look like a muppet. I think in that first picture of him sleeping he must be dreaming that he's scuba diving.


OMG, I have that rug! We have it in front of the shower and my cats love to sleep on it after we get out of the shower.

I love coming to your site and seeing your Winston updates. He is just the cutest cat! I love my two cats but they just don't have the same amount of fuzzy, squash-faced cuteness that Winston does.


I live for these Winston posts. The Miyazaki photo was a hoot. I made it my background on my computer at work. People have been coming up to me all day asking what I had up! Winston is so cute. I want to eat him up!



Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so cute. I MISS MY KITTIES!!!!! (they all live with my mom:(

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