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September 28, 2005



yo. i've heard ellen spin great sets, and i've heard her spin sets like the one you describe. when she is on, bitch throws it down. she has a really great set streaming on her site. as for sweet matthew--i can't go to any more of his shows, or the cops will take me away. not only does he bleep and blip your ass across the floor, he sucks a mean dick (in my fantasy world). just caught akufen here in seattle for the decibel festival--now i'm a fan.


oh yeah, and i meant to ask, what kind of digi cam is that? mine is two years old and blows assholio. (see junior boy + l'altra pics on my site) and i'm lookin for one that does well w/o a flash.


minimalicious photos! from my vantage point, ellen seemed to spend a lot of time trying to hear what lovesick trainspotters were spitting at her from the other side of the dj booth... maybe distracting? anyway, it was way better than apt, but for some reason the shows of hers i've seen in the states never reach the energy level of the ones i've been to in europe. she's still the nicest lady though! and i liked the weirdout moments, but i was floored by dissociative chemicals so maybe it was just for me.

Tommy G

Maybe Ellen would have been better if she put some lotion on those crusty feet she got


J - I use a Sony Cyber-shot 5.1:


And you probably can tell, but the shots of Allien and Dear were taken with the flash. All the pictures of the club/dancers/my lover the disco ball were done without.

Tree - nothing like dissociatives to make punishment fun!


Perhaps it's because I'm easliy distracted by shiny things, but those pictures are the damn coolest I've seen in a long time.

dj Danny S.

Elly doesn't look very approachable. Appears very angular and Olive Oily. Communication with the dancefloor, even if it's only visual, is imperative! You just gotta acknowledge the floor if they respond to you positively; a simple smile and happy head-nod does wonders. Juz, your writing is Richly descriptive and flawless as always, I love when music is your topic. How come we haven't heard anything about your giggity last week dammit???


Oh, the gig was awesome -- I didn't think people cared since Bill @ one soulful negro was the only one who came via my advertising post.

But yeah, it exceeded my expectations -- the dancefloor was packed for most of the night and people couldn't get enough of the old-school pop house. I heard screams when I dropped "Show Me Love." That was truly gratifying.

dj Danny S.

Awwww, deserved guilt. I feel bad, I woulda loved to have been there cheering you on and requesting Kym Sims' "A Little Bit More" (or maybe CCP's "Keep On Walkin'" - original OR the remix). But the one thousand, two hundred and two mile trip made me nervous when I knew I myself had to be on the decks at 9pm that night, here at home in Funkytown. I'm late often enough as it is. If you play there one mo gin let me know and I'll plan ahead a little mo betta.

DJ LoKey

With all the new technology and software out now days, the art of beatmixing has lost some of its value. Much respect to all the DJ's still doing it old school.



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