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September 19, 2005



I've always liked this song. Que sera sera.

What I love about FourFour:

It's black or it's white. No grey area for FourFour, ever. Bill, you've always liked the song. That's not really the point, is it? Can you sing 'Attack of the Name Game' using your own name? I didn't think so.


I honestly think that you must never get bored. Ever.


sounds familiar: let's use chuck:

chuck chuck bo buck- banana fanna fo fuck fee fi fo fi fuck....CHUCK!


dj Danny S.

Good ol' Stacy Cole Slaw. Thanks for the memories, Rich. If you want an education, my favorite is still "Nail It To The Wall." It's the perfect situation.

Michael K

FourFour, this is one of the hottest songs I've ever heard in my life! I love you!

Duane, you didn't read the entire post, did you? There is a reference to using the name 'Chuck' about 3/4 of the way through the article. Tsk. Tsk.

Arthur Tsang

That is a tune they need to re-release that shit! Didn't Mariah sample that shit?


Let's see...

It's Back it, back I gotta Back attack, I gotta Bee By Boe the Back a jack. Turn the Till you gotta move the Mill You gotta wham-bam funkify the Fill: Bill!

Holy God that's lame. I may have to rethink my opinion of this song.

Don't rethink it, Bill! You've changed MY mind!


Actually the track for Stacy's song is sampled from Tom Tom Club's 1981 Genius of Love. One more reason to hate Mariah - she sampled a sample.
Thanks for the links to the good music!


Oh my God, I used to have a *straight* crush on Stacy Lattisaw!!I have not heard that song for the LONGEST time! Then, Mariah used it for her "Heartbreaker" and I slowly died inside...and to piggyback Kelle's comment, I also remember that TTC song. What was your favorite song from them? Mine was "Who Wants An Ugly Girl?" Anyway, thanks for reliving my 80s moment fourfour. Love your website (esp. your link on "Chunk"--I, too, am a Chunk and proud! =D)

boogie tonight

i loved this lp when i was younger and ended up getting the cd on cut out when i got older...


haha, that song is some good shit.

whats even more funny is i googled the name of the song and this was one of the first hits

William J. Johnson

I happened to love that song Attack of the Name Game. It is from my time and it was a fun song for someone of Stacy and I ages. She was truly an inspiration to all child recording artist around that time. Her voice was a powerhouse and so soulful, you couldn't help but to love her! I wish she would come back out again, even if it is to sing Christian music!


Mr. Johnson I think that is all Stacy sings now is Gospel music. I don't think she records any more I think she is just singing in her church. If anyone has any other information regarding STacy please share she was one of my favorite singers when I was growing up.


wow kelle you are so right I had to play both and the drums are 100 percent from tom tom club, they just screwed around with the synthezizer to make it slightly different. I think they played the synth backwards. i'll have to play it on my turntables to confirm that.


I think its one of the best songs ever made. Hands fucking down. fo real


This is the first hip-hop song I fell in love with. I remember when my dad gave me my first walkman when he got back from Korea in 1981 and this song was playing when I put on the head phones and pressed play. I listened to it countless times. I'm glad to see someone besides my self actually liked the song. You are right now that I am older and I realize that the song really can only capture the attention of a five to six year old and anyone with the similar mentality.


Hey hi, well i don't have the pleasure of knowing you , but dude you just got me up on my feets with this one; i was 10 when this was playing in my vinyl player, thanks 4 sharing...!




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Well, I think you've always loved this song, especially its rhyming lyrics. And this resentment of yours is just to keep up with your writing style, which many a people dislike.


its just fine not very good song but the tuning is nice have to listen and saw the pic it looks to be so old pics but good shared by the blogger.

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