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September 29, 2005



Is anyone else as excited as I am for next week's Kim/Sarah action?


Who else thought Lisa was shitfaced the entire episode, especially when she was telling the girls how to model after winning the style competion? homegirl was staggering about in that white coat, drink in hand.


Yeah I thought she was loaded the whole time, or atleast acting like she was so afterwards if worse came worse she could blame her annoying ass behavior on the booze.

Coryn is coming off as such a sweetheart... hopefully she doesn't go all YaYa on us and goes on a bitch spree.


I'm worried about that happening with Bre -- we haven't gotten a clear look at her personality yet and everytime she does confessionalize, she's kind of over-the-top with self-confidence. Whatever, she's my lover.

Oh, and so excited about the pending lezaison.


They all look like trannies (plural version?) to me. A lot of them do, anyway. I'd say the chin gives it away, but, there's the so hot Morgan Webb. She's got quite a jaw going on.


Ive been watching Britains Next Top Model, I have no clue who the "super" model host is, but the girls are super crazy bitches, and drink like fishes!

I really liked Lisa's makeover.
I dont like Kim.
I really dislike Cassandra.

I vote for more crying and bitching!

Next week lesbian model action!


I'm just happy Cassandra wasn't booted off. The show's always best when there's a good bitch on, especially one as sociopathic as Cassandra. You just know there's a good meltdown happening. Better than Sarah and Lisa would be Lisa and Cassandra.


Does anyone else think that Lisa looks like Sandra Bernhard?

Michael K

Cassandra is fucking crazy! I'm still hoping for ladydude Coryn to bring it home. But she won't.


OH and I loved Cassandra going
"is this mod? is this mod? do I look mod?"
If she said mod one more time I was going to jump through the tv and slap her silly.

Her "mod" outfit looked like an uptight intern at a law office. Her necklace was horrible, how can anyone know so little about fashion?


I think that all of these girls are hideous. Coryn...ugh. All of them...ugh~!


I think they gave Cassandra that horrible, not even in style haircut just to humiliate her for our enjoyment. Notice how Tyra said at the end that that wasn't the cut they were going for and they were going to change it (it's like 80s soccer mom, not Mia Farrow!). And good. Cassandra couldn't possibly be less likeable.


Oh how I adore Lisa. Okay, she seemed a bit schwilly.
THAT I noticed…..wonder why they didn’t exploit that as much as with the other chicks…? Remember when they snapped on Britney last season for Miss-Be-Haven’-One-Too-Many?

Lisa is being a jerk though…I’ll blame it on the booze talking. Everyone enjoys a humble leader!

I wish Lisa, Diane and Rue-Paul’s love child (Coryn) all the best of luck.

Cause some of those bitches are crazy mad ghetto hoes…..ALL except for Twiggy that is!

I can’t wait until next week when those two ladies get stuck on ‘The Island of Les-Bos’!
Soon the full blown lesbo-Kim is going to whip that big lipped Sarah lady into shape….

Cheers! Here’s to watching skinny chicks fight with each other…! –Too bad at the end of the show the winner doesn’t get a sammage!


um. how come none'a'you even mentioned nik or nicole? they took, hands down, the best picchers. final three, guesses?
i'm going lisa, nik, & jayla. little ol' nicole will buckle under the pressure and be top six.


I know i'm in the minority but I like twiggy. Janice drained my energy. With her gone, maybe there will be more of a focus on other crazy mofos like that dude in the tang outfit and more Miss J! I love his little flower shoulder thing.


nik is awesome. she, kyle and kim are my favorites as of right now. not liking nicole right now. her look ("sex kitten") bugs me. meh.


I've never seen this show, so excuse my ignorance, but goodnight in the mornin', WHAT is sitting next to Tyra in that shot where she bamming?


Coryn or Cory? Better yet, Coryn or Cory-n-drag?!?!

dj Danny S.

Speaking of before and after shots you'll love the art of retouching at http://www.glennferon.com/portfolio1/portfolio30.html. Be sure to look at all the booby adjustments and ash-reduction on the b&w Destiny's Child shot towards the bottom. (Run your mouse back and forth over Beyonce's breastases quickly and repeatedly for a *wink* *wink* effect) And speaking of (mega MEGA) ash-reduction is that Erykah Badu who I thought eye spied?? o my!

dj Danny S.

sorry, link update : just go to http://www.glennferon.com/
and click on Portfolio/Work


You are the worst. I love you.


Michael, that's runway diva extraordinaire, J. Alexander, another judge. He was bamming along.


You should totally write for like EW or something; you would actually convince me to watch something that I normally wouldn't. Now I am going to have to start watching this, like I did with BBB. But, don't think that I am complaining, quite the contrary!!! Keep up the great recaps!


I think that in Kim's after picture she looks like Charlize Theron. But that's like the only time.


Real quickly I just wanted to say....not to crazy about many of them. One or two are attractive and that's only WITH make-up and touching up and all.

"If this [competition] doesn't work for me then I'm definitely gonna go back to pageants because I think that really helps you develop more as a woman, where modeling is just more of a career."

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