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September 12, 2005



She also needs the money for some damn tina, girl.


i ain't feelin' the hair. she's such a hair victim, soo much. i'm starting to think she has a weird shaped head and her hair needs to be a certain way to cover a flaw or something.


jeeesus... is there a rapper with a more lethargic flow than young jeezy? i want to make an anti-jeezy shirt. it'd look like the other snowman shirts, except the head would be on the ground with yellow streaks on it.


Do it. I don't hate him (I like the tone of his voice, at least), but down with lazy!


She gots to shave it off
Cuz the color ain't the same
And it keeps on lookin' lame
Like a worn-out horses mane...

Ok Ok I know that was pathetic. At least I spared you the remaining stanzas.


no no--Rich...I'm surprised you didn't catch this..the TOTAL real-life Ms. Cherish is Kathy Griffin. I'm not saying this just because of her reality show..but did anyone catch what gesture she made to her cameraman on last week's episode? When she was freaking about losing her E! credential, she told the camera to "Just please stop, really really just stop." and SHE USED THE TIME-OUT HAND SIGNAL EXACTLY LIKE VALERIE CHERISH DOES 24/7. I think it made me more happy than other other reality-tv moment last week..What makes it even better is that we know Kathy's was taped before The Comeback even started airing, so she wasn't doing it to be cute or whatev..



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