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September 20, 2005



Please tell me you're blogging tonight's festivities, as I will be lost in Nip/Tuck land. That's the only show that takes precedence over ANTM in my books, but I ain't missing tomorrow's premiere for all the foundation in a Cover Girl factory.


Congratulations, Carly, you're still in the running towards becoming Rich's Next Favorite Person.

Yeah, I'll do something on the we're-all-losers special. At the very least, I'll show you what they look like.

Artie James

I usually do interpretive dance to the opening theme music of ANTM or make my friends "model walk" with household cleaning supplies around my abode while I play Ms. Jay. So thanks for adding lyrics which gives a whole 'nother layer to this madness. Unfortunately, I'm gonna miss tonites special episode (only Ro & Harvey playing the Fiddle on Broadway could keep me away!) but I will promptly check for your comments manana. You.are.genius. :-)


I thought I was the only one that that would sing along w/ the theme song, "You wanna be on top?" lol the first time I heard that, i was like wtf but I never let it go. That song totally preps me for the show. It makes me feel bitchy and superficial in zero to five seconds.

Is sounds like you're sing "Money, Money, Money", which is also completely appropriate.


hey, love your site. i was laughing so much seeing the speech bubble for the tyrasaurus - "shake ya model-model". i'm hooked on the theme tune too! i'm from england and i love the Top Model show. keep making me laugh!


have you heard the new theme song i love it! You wanna be on top, A NA na na na naoohah X 2 this time i'm making it HOT Model with a burning passion ohh na na na na na na oooh na na na na na na oooh na na na na na na ooh nananananana i wanna bee on top! I'm not sure thats the real lyrics but thats all i can make out.


Happy, gongradulations your still in the running twards becoming SNOW WHITE'S NEXT FAVORITE DWARF
The next photos
Doc, Congradulations
Dopey, Congradulations your still in the running twards SNOW WHITE'S NEXT FAVORITE DWARF
Will Grumpy and Sleepy please step forward
Grumpy, you had a terrible attitude and i didn't like that
and Sleepy, you seemed to have, well umm, you seemed to have slep through the photo shoot, and you ten to sleep walk so while you did that you knocked over the camera and the whole entire set! So, uhhh, anyway, I, Snow White only have one photo in my hands and that photo represents the dwarf that will still be in the running twards becoming SNOW WHITE's FAV......ahhhh you get the point! So the person who is staying is..........Sleepy! Thanks Grumpy but you were just really too grumpy! "Whateva I'm out" said Grumpy. Toon in next time to see who gets eliminated next!!!!!!!!!!!


hey. do u noe the the song for antm, its like...''

ta na na na na na, wanna be on top''
lmao, seriously


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