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September 13, 2005



Why, Rich, why?? I can't take the cuteness, it is too much lovely all at once!! Your website is already a 2nd job, now I guess I'm getting a 3rd! Damn, how can there be a Winnie part two??? How do you get anything done?


Ha, ha, "get anything done?!?" This junk-pop-culture-kitty-disco shit is the extent of my accomplishment.


But we love it so!


i can't stand it anymore. the adorable cats are just too much.
Izzy is an absolute cutie pie. my cats are gonna hear it when i get home — why can't you be cute like izzy and winston? i'm an evil pet owner...making comparisons like that...no wonder they shit in my shoes...


"I love this little lambchop so much"
That cracks me up. Every time. In my head, you say it with Ed's voice from "Raising Arizona". Oh, I love him so-o-o much!

Am I the only one who doesn't think Winston is cute? I mean, he's striking and I love him from afar, but if I awoke and he was looking right at me, I would scream. That, to me, does not bespeak cuteness.


You can't be talkin' 'bout my baby, like that, Michael. If I was really like back in the day in Newark, I'd meet you outside. I'd meet you outside. But I'm a lady and I have class.

Izzy's Mom

This is to Nicole: Girl, love your cats as they are, shoe shit and all. I'm sure they're great. Izzy is not my first cat, but she's my first kitten. And, as much as I appreciate her cute factor, the problem is (and, I see this in my dog, Lou, too) that she knows she's cute. That makes her haughty and not just a little bit evil! She knows she'll get away with evilacity (my own word, but you get it) so she does it. As I type this? She's biting my left big toe ... hard! Lucky for her I'm lazy and a heavy drinker, otherwise, I'd have something to say about that. If you can stand it, I'll post more pictures of the sweet and salty kitty this weekend.


I said he was striking! Hell, he's even enjoyed a stint on my desktop.

I guess I should be thankful that you, like Ms. Houston, were raised right.



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