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September 09, 2005



That is kick ass! DJ Danny Schaffer is from Mpls as am I. Hope we see this at the local video bar soon!

Peace, Love and Dookie Bubbles,



That was brilliant. My only quibble is that after repeating the same images and video, I was completely caught unawares by the sudden shot of Bobby's gnarled foot. That shit needs a disclaimer.

Pop Muse

Impossibly Brilliant! That clip made me 'So Emotional'. Hooooo!


Can't watch the video yet b/c I'm at work right now...but I just wanted to say that I will NEVER tire of Whitney updates/retrospectives/re-commenting commentarys, etc...keep it all comin, I say!


Whitney and Bobby are America's new favorite trainwreck. I missed most of the series so coming across this blog after the end of its run is my way of playing catchup until i get to watch one of the inevitable marathons.


I'll never get over her antics! eeeeeever
Whitney and bobby invented a new holiday, everybody's day.


i can't breathe right now i'm so moved by that video. it was incredible. i loved it. thanks dj danny schaffer and rich!


Thank you so much, I REALLY needed that!

So very cute, and yes they SHOULD HAVE kept his damn foot out of the mix, GOOODNESS!

"Dont you love that man?"

Classic ;-)


I know it is a bit off subject, but I love the new Blog look!!! It is fierce, fabulous, AND flawless. WORK!


Rich, the new design looks awesome. Great job....


Thanks, y'all. I can barely match my shirt with my jeans, so I'm glad this isn't hurting anyone's eyes or anything.

I guess it just shows how dire the old design was. I felt bad about being such an eyesore.


awww kitty discoball....huh? Looks good, Rich.


I was in a hurry before, and didn't get to see that video. I just watched it. I feel that it pretty much summed up everything on the show, and in particular, I really enjoyed the beginning, "I'm Not doing this todaaaaay". Nice. Thanks for sharing that Rich.


Unmitigated Brilliance!


I'll say it, it brought a tear to my shiny little eye, too... starting with the wedding pic to "old skool love," and building up into the "never let him go-oo-oh-oo-ohhh..." bit. Class.

dj Danny S.

Thanks for the nice comments y'all! It was just fate, stumbling across "Love That Man" (& loving that remix), wondering why there was never a video for the song, and being currently obsessed with BBB. If it was Whit's show it would seem like a natural-born commercial for it.


Hey DJ Danny S

is there a way to get that video mix on a CD & mail it off to someone?

I have someone that I'd like to dedicate this song to

How can I make this happen???

Can I e-mail you? e-mail me...SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

[email protected]

Lola the Obsessed


I am just short of making RICH T-shirts. Seriously, you're my favorite blogger ever.


Only thing is, in my opinion, you really should have included at least one line of "Dookie bubble" from the show... it is called the dookie bubble mix after all. That was the funniest part of the whole series, too. Gotta put something from that scene in there right?


heya i dunno wot this is about but i fink this song is sikk and in means a lot to me stevie xxx



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