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September 13, 2005



Is that our girl Whitney singing her theme song???


You may have identified another show that I must watch. I never fully thought of the drag queen connection; until just now.

I suddenly feel the need to watch Coyote Ugly again...


She really irritates me. I saw her on Leno last night & she's just going way too far trying to convince everyone that she is, "Just one of y'all."


I cannot get over the fact that there is a runway on her show! I can just imagine her having like a serious episode with like victims of Katrina or something else really tragic and then they walk out on the runway! She's fucking nuts.

But to her credit, she has lost weight.


Aw man, I can't believe I missed that!

If FOURFOUR loves Tyra Banks, than I love Tyra Banks. I've never watched B3 and I didn't see
Tyra's show, but I MUST READ YOUR REVIEWS/RECAPS! AT LEAST TWICE! Re Winnie and Rocko... I'm hooked. And this from a looooong time dog lover.


tyra really irritates me too.... but there is no reason to unnecessarily criticize someone's mother like that.


"a quarter chromosome away from a drag queen." how do you just say everything perfectly like that? that made me cry.


HAHAHAHA SHE IS B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I wish I had the time to watch these shows! :(


As for the DMV segment, I like how she thinks we can just walk up in there with a desk fan to create a hair blown effect in our driver's license picture! LOL


i've been a lurker for a while. *love* the cats!! and that tyra screen capture (crying) is hysterical!!


All of you really need to get a life...Ilove how you are all so concerned about victims of Katrina "walking a runway" when all you can do is sit an criticize someone who obviously has more talent than all of you!

roses are red

I agree with Art. The stage is a forum for empowerment not a circus act... oh but obviously you have all got it 'goin on'. Look at you with all the free time you have on your hands to rip on the show. And tell me what show of yours will be hitting prime time this year? hmmmmm?


please tell me why her forehead doesn't crinkle in any way shape or form ... how is this possible ?

I guess I am air-brush naive, but in one of those retouched photos, did they actually take her head off and then put it back on again? There's suddenly space between her chin and her shoulder.


I LOVE THIS. My cousin and I were horrified by some weird infomercial we saw abotu Tyra's show on Saturday. Horrified, yet INTRIGUED.

Miss Hollywood

She always has the most insane facial expressions.


I can see how people can so easily hate Tara. I mean the woman is really crazy.

However, people, don't let our critisicm of her lead you to believe we don't respect her. We love her because she is crazy.

I mean, how many people are willing to put it all out there? Not many. Some of the stuff she does can be half baked, but we gotta respect that she is brave enough to take a chance.

I think it comes from a good place.


Hate her. Love that!


Isn't Lindsay Lohan unattractively thin? She's cute, I suppose, but not as cute as her boobs were bodacious. Man, I miss them...


"a quarter chromosome away from a drag queen." --> LOL hilarious!!!!


I get sick of people always being so negative. So she's silly, is that a crime? At least she's being real, which is more than I can say for alot of other celebs out there. She's a positive role model for young girls, must we drag her down?? Should Brittney Spears be our childrens' role models?? Are people being so hard on her because she's a model? Or just because she's a successful, beautiful woman? Is it jealousy? Really, stand back and look at your real reason for dissing her. Or are we just programmed to hate successful women? Some people will find any reason they can come up with to put someone down. If she were a fat ugly woman, acting the SAME way, I bet most of you would be praising her for being so real and confident - wouldn't you? Think about it.


she's looking a lot like that cat in the above post...


I love me some Ty-Ty.. I think her show is cool.. it deals with issues like eating disorders and the beauty myth.. stuff that you don't see on other talk shows. She's doing her thang and we gotta give her props. And her mom isn't masculine.. she's just big-boned.


I want to know how to look good in MY drivers license photo - when is it rerunning? HAHA

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