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September 22, 2005



I've only seen this show a couple times, but it's amazing how these fugly chicks think they have a shot at being supermodels! Seriously, all of the pics you posted were oogly. They might be weepers, but they obviously have supernatural (delusional)self-confidence.


You're gonna have me booted out of the office for laughing so hard. Check out my impressions when you get a chance.


Im so happy your doing this....I missed a bit of it last night..I cant wait until next week when they get their makeovers!!!
LOTS of crying in the previews!


Oh God, how I miss Janice. Twiggy is far too nice -- and yes, enough with that laugh! -- and I think Miss J is trying too hard to fill the bitch gap. BTW, where is Nole Marin and his ever-present Pomeranian accessory?

Any thoughts on who's going to win? I like Kim, but she'll be out. I also like Jayla, but she'll be out too. Right now I'm betting it'll be between Lisa if she gets the attitude in check and Ebony.


best line from last night's show?
"i just wanna take off my shoes and throw up!"


Jeremy OTM. I really, honestly thought about working that in.

Carly -- Nole was canned when Janice was (from what I understand, Janice wanted more money, didn't get it and left; Nole was just given a pink slip, which is fine by me).

As far as a winner, my gut says Bre. I'm saying she's at least Top 3. Coryn's hard-luck story should take her far and I want Kim in my life for as long as possible. The dykedrama that the preview tells me will kick off next week bodes well for her future.

keith karz aka Manhattan Offender

My biggest revelation was finding out that Jay is 6'1" (on the Tyra Banks Show earlier that day). I had always sort of seen him as 5'4" or so. Not that it excuses that hair in any way.

Kat in da Hat

This is awesome.


OHMG is Susanna Asian? Cuz she sho' is ugly. I don't want the two to be a possible candidate for stereotypical correlation. Coryn's eyebrows are so Puerto Rican hollaback girl from when Spike Lee used to make relevant movies. Jay got a nosejob in Thailand.


The best is Nate Dogg "the hip hop icon". Really? According to who...Tyra???

Kristin H.

Rich-I thought I heard things wrong when Sarah used the term "full-blown lesbian"! It's not a disease! How the hell did she get on there anyway? She's ugly and can't walk. Janice would have tore her up! I hate Janice, but, God do I miss her! I totally feel what you're saying about Twiggy...lame!

Senhor Made In Brazil

Damn... I am so adding you to my blogroll right now! I had to devote the first hour to my beloved Martha Stewart but I just couldn't resist the second hour of this drama. Now what about that freaking spray tan that Jay has going on? The dude looks like a carrot... And I am not even going to start with the hair! I sure hope that J. Alexander makes up for all the Britishness that came with Twiggy!


"My biggest revelation was finding out that Jay is 6'1" (on the Tyra Banks Show earlier that day). I had always sort of seen him as 5'4" or so. Not that it excuses that hair in any way."

He is huge! (And so is Nigel. I ran into them both at a party.) He's seriously fake baked to an inch of his life and with hair shellacked into place. Walking Ken doll action in full effect.


This is the single best recap of ANTM I've ever seen. I will definitely be back.


Jay is 6'1?! With lifts, maybe.


I'm loving this season already. They should just do away with the "next model" nonsense and call the show what it really is: America's Most Humorous Fashion Humiliations!


bre is cute, u people are crazy

Kate, Age 27

I miss Janice Dickinson SO much my tear ducts ache.


I miss Janice too! Now who's gonna be mean to the "plus-size" girl? That was like Janice's forte.

And I totally want to make out with Kim. I'd be a fullblown lesbian for her.


Don't get it twisted.



P.S. What the hell was up with the straight 5 minutes of Models Ravenously Eating Cup Of Soup? Noooot attractive....can't wait for them damn makeovers


I am good friends with Kim. She will be in your life for a while...she is in the third to last model. Wish her luck!


So missed Janice but still loved the show. Love Kim, scared of Cassandra. Do you think there's a dead pagent contestant out there somewhere? That serial killer comment was bizzare -- and probably very revealing. Maybe she'll freak out on the whiny North Dakota chic and be carried out of the house in restraints. Now that would be good television.

Big Fan

Gotta love weepy Sarah for healing her bruised ego with a make-out session with Lisa. Gotta love Lisa's come back "One down, eleven to go." Gotta love Ashley getting the boot after being such a bitch to Lisa.


I saw an interview tonight where Janice was talking about Kate Moss's drama. Her face was so completely botoxed her eyes looked poofier than Winston's.


Whooooo! The pics of that girl not walking right made me laugh out loud!

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