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Is it just me or does Lisa remind you of Sandra Bernhardt?!


AND Peaches AND Rosario Dawson. She's a girlstew, that one.



they're crying b/c they're hungry.


I would switch teams for kim in an instant. I was attracted to her from the start.


Am I the only one who thinks Cassandra's brow ridge rivals any Neanderthal's? I don't like her but the serial killer comment had me crackin' up.. that was dope. I hope it was a head-fake for her competition and not true..but wouldn't the show be so much better if it were true? Also, Coryn reminds me of Xiomara from an earlier season (2nd?). I think they're both fugly!


"Gotta love weepy Sarah for healing her bruised ego with a make-out session with Lisa. Gotta love Lisa's come back "One down, eleven to go." Gotta love Ashley getting the boot after being such a bitch to Lisa." - Big Fan

It wasn't Lisa, it was Kim.


I think Coryn is pretty in a strange kind of way. Diana is pretty, latina and plus size and so am I so I'm rooting for her. I am so glad Sarah is gone she really made me go yuch!!!! everytime I saw her. She is not cute and she seems very confused about life.


Lisa seems like she's on cocaine or something that makes her very twitchy.

youre now it honney veel geluk is het in spanje hoor grappje hahaha nee serieus niet

Emmily Harrison

I know that they are models from past cycles but I had to finally get this off my chest. I feel that Ya-ya and Bre from the one after her should have won. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Eva, she's just as beautiful but Ya-ya was more model to me. Everybody talked about her attitude but it was her persona and she was alright with me. Now when Bre went home, I was upset and on top of her going home, they had Nicole's ugly self at as the winner. She was not the prettiest or the most model like to me. I don't know what they seen in her. Oh well, my girls still doing their thang and I ain't mad at em'.


its amazing
i really like
she so great!
im regh!
from philippines
i like
america's next top model
i cannot sleep
if i dont watch
i want to be
a model too
hope my dream
will come true


God Bless

Dajon Jackson

I think you should blog tyra to have ANTMM americas next top male model



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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.

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Everything, from your description of doing stir fry right (I love the assassination simile!), to this recipe, has my mouth watering!


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