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October 05, 2005



I'm so honored that you indulged me.

Tywin looks fierce!


My first thought was, "Since when does Bobbi Kris hang out with college kids?" And then it hit me...Whitney's totally filming a Taradise-style show for Bravo!
It's the ONLY explanation...


I love the little ears coming out of Tyra's hair!


Tywin pic is disturbing...shiver


omg wtf is whitney doing w/ these people? LOL she isnt even doing anything weird and I find it so entertaining.

I really miss being bobby brown, I feel so empty =(


Bobby is a liar. He said Whitney never takes pictures with fans, he made me scared to ever go up to her, what a bitch he is!! Now I know not only can I go up to her, but I can also get drunk with her. Awesome!!


OH MY GOD!!! Whitney has gone all nice on our ass!!! WTF????


Rich-I am now officially in love with you! The Winston/Tyra mutation had me crying (not the ANTM kind!)again in the workplace. I want it to be my desktop, but I wouldn't be able to do my 1/2 hr. of daily work. Your sense of humor is the beyond compare!

P.S.-Re. pic. #2: Is old Whitters expecting a BKII?


this are form December 2004 from Aruba

Those kids must have had some goooooood shit, because that is the only way they coulda got Whit to pose for those pictures!! With smiles!!



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