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October 24, 2005



drinking games w/ 3-d movies are the greatest. every time someone spots a shot that's supposed to be super trippy 3-d, drink!!

Jon Nikki

Amazing. You combine my loves of italo-disco, horror movies, and america's next top model all in one site. And, you post mp3's.
Thank you, and thank you again.


Yo - Great Supernature track. Thanks for posting. Got here via CityRag. Cool stuff. Dance lunch Wednesday.

Bill G

Yeah! What Jon Nikki said... also: the "Congo Zombie" tune reminds me of "Zombi" by Goblin. Gotta love that Friday Part 3 opening title sequence, too.


Loved the mad funky beats as well!

dj Danny S

Thanks for the flawless copy of "Supernature." That live bassline you spoke of was "borrowed" later for Donna Summer's "One Of A Kind" portion of her MacArthur Park Suite.



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well I think that the first take is the best with the fork. 32hr I bet that a lot of people shit their pants in the part of the movie.

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A fitting tribute to your beloved abuelita. She would be so pleased. You certainly are a pretty lady, too.

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A wonderful rememberance and tribute. Oh how I owuld love to make beans like she did! Tonight you put out a little food for her, right?

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Good followup, Ira. I'm guessing the newspaper didn't have a staff reporter at the scene, but got whatever information they printed after the fact from police reports.

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