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October 20, 2005


gayest neil

Ms. Jay. FOR REAL, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HER BEFORE PANEL? I bet Tyra jumped her behind the studio.

Crystal Waters, sing it girl:
"The winds are blowing every morning
just to do Ms. Jay's hair now
cause she cares you all"

For real. I did a classic "Ms. Jay double-take" when I saw Ms. Jay on panel! And that damn corsage. I kept hoping they were live flowers so they'd rot over the course of the show, thus at the end Ms. J would have a putrid Miss Habersham corsage/monstrosity attached to her blouse. Alas, I bet she bought them at Michaels.

And yeah, poor, poor Naima. This girl needs a guest appearance in a John Waters movie and fast!

Is it me or does the panel seem to have less and less patience with the visiting judges?

I totally hope Tyra starts slipping mood enhancers into Twiggy's Fresca. I bet Twigs did some awesome psychedelics in her day. Let's pray for a flashback.

Tiger Lilly

Bre isn't the only one who likes gay white men and mens panties. Sigh. I'm a future self help book.

Ms. Jay looks like someone sweated out his relaxer(clearing throat) and he just didn't have time to make an emergency visit to his stylists.

Why does Naima look...dirty??


down with jayla! i hate that bitch. my boyfriend thinks naima needs to shave her forehead.


holy shit... it just dawned on me who coryn looks like... not that this will mean anything to anyone but me...

but she looks EXACTLY like this girl I used to work with...


i swear i thought kim would go because of how they probably secretly watch the house to see who's giving drama for ratings. i didn't see coryn as hard, just intense, which depending on the shoot would be a good thing. naima was in the bottom 2 once, so nik still could win. jayla was maniacal but i think it was totally fake because she knows drama gets more airtime. i mean how can you be angry at someone because they won't talk to you after you're mean to them?! jayla made lisa look sane. i wish they both had worn the mini flapper feather headbands. my favorite comment though was nigel's on lisa. i think it was "i can't take my eyes off her. but at the same time i can't stand her." true that. bre or kim will go next week i bet.


OMG...I am hollering!! Thanks for the update.

Coryn did leave with dignity...I think she had enough of the bullshit.

Funny blog...Love it!!


you'd think they'd pay someone to wax naima's sideburns already.


This blog is GREAT! I just discovered it this week. Your ANTM recaps are awesome.

Anyway, I had a feeling Coryn was getting the boot this week. I live in Minneapolis, and a friend called me to report on Monday that Coryn was in his Body Pump class at a Minneapolis YWCA. He said she looked less buff and less skinny in person. He would have cornered her to ask about the show, but she left during cool down.

Somebody get Ms. Jay a flat iron, STAT before she has to change her name to Ms. Nappy!

Keep up the excellent blogging!

Veronica Vinegar

To make up for my guilt of sitting around for an hour when Momma has shit to do, I devised a way to spend the time "getting beautiful" during the show which means manicure, pedicure, tweezing, application of skin cream, etc. As I was doing it, I was thinking of what you (Rich) must be doing during the show? I imagined you in your underoos taking copious notes as Winnie-doo napped on your lap!


VV -- you don't know how close to the truth you are!


Yes, bukkake-esque is a word. Don't you know that as writers we have the right to invent words? It's fact.

I still say boo on Twiggy, though.


Jayla is a loser!!! I love Nik like you love Bre. Jayla stole her line and she's the one who's mad. Someone explain how this could be right! You can't!

Nik is taking the classy mature route of ignoring her and not dealing with her. We all saw what happens when you don't leave people alone who don't like you. That's right! You get called a Bitch...Right, Lisa!
I almost died when that chick was outside drunk talking to a bush! HA!


I think I must be the only one, but I LOVE lisa. I think she is one fantastic drunk riot. "I think the bubbles are owning you, and you're not owning the bubbles." I laughed for like 5 minutes... plus the beeotch knows what she's doing in front of a camera


Oh I KNOW Jay is not wearing a modified Argyle vest from Abercrombie and Fiatch!! Ew! As if!


I don't know about you but I love bubbles!!!
Great recap, I missed the episode :( I think it plays again...I will so have to catch it.


I love how crazy Lisa is. Love it!!! And I never thought that Jayla was such a bitch, damn! Kyle is in this to win it, and it shows. I hope she gets this on! I want Nicole GONE ALREADY!!!!!!! Thanks for the recap as always.


I LIVE for this. I can't watch ANTM anymore because my area recently got rid of UPN and replaced it with a Korean soap opera station (yes, I do live in the United States). Bullshit. But your recaps make it all worthwhile.


okay I know there is a Ms. Jay adn a Mr. Jay, but the question I got is... is Ms. Jay a REAL Ms. Jay, or a name only Ms. Jay? Does anyone know, Ms. Jay walks better in heels than I do.


By the way, she was referencing -Gershwin-.


i have to admit, i love lisa too. yeah so she's brutally honest and a drunk but she's about the only one who has a clue about the industry. plus, she takes great photos. her ridiculously high self-esteem will get her places, even if annoys the hell out of people.


My coworker and I just pissed all over ourselves reading this, and that was my second time reading it today.

You are truly a genius.

You are one talented mofo, Rich. Funniest stuff EVER:

I don't even want to know what kind of night Ms. Jay must have had to look like this the next day:

Naima makes me sad like disabled people make me sad.

Get out your bell jars.

You're feeling Bre, and I'm feeling jealous.


LOVE your recap! I clicked in from Best Week Ever. DO you do these every week? I'll poke around your blog and see. I'm a huge ANTM fan. Thanks for this post. It's great!


Rich, please, oh please, create a .gif of Lisa's creepy dance! It would bring such joy to this otherwise bitter old man.


Lisa is the best thing ever. EVER.

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