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Anyone else think Crazy Jayla looks a lot like Posh Spice in some of those confessional stills? And Naima? Her face is as flat as Winston's (no offense, Winston), but Winston is much cuter and has much more personality in his photos!

You're the bestest!

The show is NOTHING compared to your recaps! I think I love YOU!


Rich, luv, I really can't get behind Bre at all... every time the girl opens her mouth and speaks she sounds like freakin' idiot — and not just cuz of the played-out tongue ball, either! She is pretty in a cute ghetto chick kinda way but she makes me want to pull my eyelashes out with her chatter... Bre must die!

On the other hand Lisa's playing up the boozing/loony bits to get more face time is making me want to bail on the series altogether! Plus: she's ugly!


>"I like men's underwear."

Hate to disappoint you, but I think that means that I have a shot with Bre. I hope she knows that as soon as she brings Her Beautiful Ass back to Harlem, it's all Scary Unexpected Visits and Boiling Rabbit Stew from this girl. I'm prepared to "fight everyday to prove my love" if need be.

-Trixie Trix-a-lot
President of the I LOVE Bre Society for Women

P.S. I have been a lazy and unreliable recapper this season, so I've thrown in the towel and redirected my Top Model Traffic to you. And the chicks who read my recaps are crazy and pretty fucking demanding. So…umm…yeah…Good Luck with that.



Ryan Devlin says, "I used to rid my bike to class in college. One afternoon I got distracted by a group of cute girles, and before I knew it, I was lying on the hood of a car that had stopped in front of me. I didn't suffer any injuries, but I definitely had a bruised ego!" Hmmmm


Forget "signature walk and it's going to make me famous". Forget that white girl fainting. Forget "Tokyoians". Cousin It will forever be Top Model's biggest contribution to the world. Bless poor crazy cross-eyed Lisa.


Oh, I think I love you. Especially for getting that screen shot of Jayla at elimination.


every time twiggy shows up on antm my boyfriend and i scream "twigggaayyy!"


Rich! I've come to love your recaps as much as the show, itself.

Nik is so so beautiful, even when she's crying. She Jayla and Lisa are my favorites. Poor Lisa, poor Cousin It.

I LOVE that you got the screenshot of Jayla, and the new sound clips, too! :D


My drag name is Tyra Male.


I absolutely love this site... thank you so much for the hilarious recaps!


oh this is great. and it's going to get even better. thank you for the laugh once again! :)


OMG, am I the only one disturbed by Lisa's concave chest?

And Naima...tsk tsk tsk. That picture makes me sadder than Coryn. How did she get so goddamn fug in such a short span of time?


Best.Recap.Ever. I'm bookmarking you. But hey Captain Screencap, hows 'bout a little bone for us Mr. Jay lovers. That's right, count me in with the white (okay, orange) gay man and undie lovers.


This is 4 years later but I know what is wrong with Tyra. She feeds on tears. Really! It's why she has gained weight since she started ANTM and her talk show.





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