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October 27, 2005


Veronica Vinegar

This reminds me more of the verbal fight between Lisa and Coryn: "Catnip-aholic bitch!"


MeeeeOww baebae! ~Awesome footage on the cat fight! I will patiently await your review.


But I bet you're glad Bre is still in!



Michael K

That shit was not right! I'm over it. Lisa's going to win, right?


Hell no Lisa will not win! Her teeth have WAAAYYY too much space between them, and she's a crackhead. Speaking of teeth, could someone PLEASE get that little cunt Jayla to a periodontist? Girl needs a gingivectomy like YESTERDAY. She's got those gross lil' baby teeth and like ten miles of gums. Makes my fucking skin crawl. Nik ftw!


omg i love them so much i can't STAND IT!!! i'm coming up to nyc in a couple weeks can i come over and steal them....i mean borrow them please?? PRETTY PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!!!!

John R

I shall wait patiently as well. Does anyone have a "video-enhancer" so we can de-scramble Bre's ass?


You must roam your "crib" with camera armed and ready to get such awesome action pics! The tongue shot is great.


I cry when cats fight. I cry harder than when 2,000 soldiers die.
Can't we all just get along?

Capt. Tripps

I don't understand what is happening with Ms. J???? I mean, last week he looked like he got worked over hard and now this week, he looks like he got rolled in the parking lot by a rogue hairstylist on a rampage. ??????


How did you get them to reenact The Headless Horseman in time for Halloween? Those lads are so talented.


That Rudy's a scrapper. Winston's more a lover than a fighter, I think. The standing-up wrestling reminds me of my dear departed Dusty and his son Bandit (a fawn and black Pug, respectively). They used to wrestle like that, too. Actually, Winston looks like a cat version of a fawn Pug.


We got a little pumpkin hat thing for our cat, we put it on and he sits really still then shakes his head really slowly like an elephant.
I put a dog sweater on him and he stretched out took two steps and rolled onto his side then repeated.
I laughed pretty hard.
But then I came here and Rudy and Winston are wrestling and I laughed so hard coffee went down the wrong pipe and then I had to cough a lot.
Rich you make me laugh so hard I almost die.

oh and the background of ANTM makes it look like smoke is coming out of the top of Miss J's head. Or something.


Tyra's acting lesson with the "I'm just so innocent." and other poses is up there with the finest television I've ever seen.



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