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October 18, 2005



Is that "Glitter"?

And, those Billyburg kids may be able to dance without irony to the "ghetto beat", but can they do it with rhythm? I'm thinking Navin Johnson, here.

That stuff is way obscure (but that's good).

Mciahel F. Gill

"Beat The Street" is cool but "In the Name of Love" is even better!


The movie's Glitter...I think. And why do I know that when I've never seen the movie all the way through?


Glitter....how did I know that when I haven't even seen the movie? Um, cause of Carey up front and center. Unless I'm totally wrong, then never mind.


OMG, Sharon Redd was a goddess.

How could I forget "Love How You Feel" or "Activate"? I still remember buying the LP. She is wearing a kimono. I miss her.

Buy my all-time Sharon Redd fave is (drumroll) ...

"Can You Handle It", the extended version

I know it Prelude, maybe Francois K remixed? ;)


Almost 2 years late but I only just found this entry, it's 'Ghost World' isn't it? I'm a total queer.



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