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Veronica Vinegar

Cute! I love it when little kitty-doos roll around in it!


you just made my day a thousand times more majestic.


All strung out... Just keep him away from needles and especially don't let him base the cat nip.

kitty lover

I love your site!! and I love Winston and Rudy as much!! I have a cat (Victor, 13 yrs) that goes nuts for cat nip...he rolls around in it, licks every surface that it's on, and rubs his head on anything that's near...I have a video of this that I would love to send you, but it's at home...maybe soon!!


"Besides, his synapses are like scribbles.."

You (and Winston) do make me happy sometimes.


Oh, and Rudy! Of course, also Rudy!


I love Winston! I have a fat kitty who has problems too, I call him "Special K".


You have a couple of the cutest cats EVER!


Rich, way to help Rudy get over his "attention deficit disorder." With these pics of Rudy, I think he'll definitely have himself some stalkers to rival Winston's and yours...have a great weekend!


If you really want to mess them up, two words: Cosmic Catnip. It's, like, pure snow from Columbia, yo.


That's abuse dude.


If you love Rudy, grow him some fresh catnip and kitty oats in a pot. Dried is fine, but fresh is divine. And he'll eat it, too.

Winston has no nose to snort his cat blow.

Love Joanna Cassidy! Love Joanna Cassidy in the header!


hey, I've found your blog this past summer and I just love it. I also love it when you do the posts on your cats.

Your site kickass if i ever need to laugh i'm coming here from now on. Keep it coming!


Yay! I wandered over from and fell in love with your kitties.

I love that you have a 'kittypride' section, more people should take pride in their cats!

(and a horribly entertaining blog, as well)


I don't even like cats, but I absolutely adore all your kitty posts! They make me like cats and kind of wish I had some so I could take cool pics of them too...

I think you could make posts about how awesome poop is and I'd start liking poop.

Jacob sanders

I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I've come to look forward to whatever you write about, cats, Freestyle, or television. My cat's name is penny, who is a beautiful cat, but winston....


I promise, Rich, that I am not only completely at terms with my gender (my invisible peen comment notwithstanding) but also that the next time you ask me to bring JESSICA, that JESSICA will be what you get.

Lord help you.

Thanks for linking The Selector here (I did the "clutching my pearls" motion that I learned from Miss Jay when I saw), and thank you so much for having such a spectacular site. I look forward to reading you every day.

exes and ohs,


your photos are absolute plushy-ness eye candy!! i love it.


Bloody Jack Rackham



I like you...and your blog...and your kitties!! Too bad you're gay :(



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Awesome pictures, I also have a cat, it is 4 months old, and it is my fifth cat in a row.

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