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October 19, 2005



what's not to love about lesbian rampages? i'm surprised you didn't mention that we watched part of waiting to exhale afterward, which i found equally frightening. i have to go write epithets on my bottle of hot sauce now.


i lov eyou


Nice discussion. I felt much the same way you did about the big, fat, dumb reveal, but I also appreciate how you locate the source material for this film--that's really brilliant. Your blog is officially one of my favorite places to visit.

Here's my response to Haute Tension: http://kinemapoetics.blogspot.com/2005/06/you-look-tense.html



What do you use to get the screencaps? TiVo? It's a great tool, whatever it is.


And it appears you are threading needles just fine.


I didn't see this movie but it sounds really familiar. Did anybody read Intensity by Dean Koontz. Thsi movie sounds just like it aside from the ending. His book was all about a girl who goes to stay with her friend and their family in the California countryside. They are all murdered. The girl hides under the bed. The killer doesn't kill her and she tries to kill him to avenge the murder of her friend. This sounds like maybe the first fifty pages of that book. Anybody? Anybody?


I think I'm going to have to miss this movie. But that Cécile De France chick is HOT! If she's in anything GOOD I might just have to rent it :)


Nikki -- I haven't read Intensity, but over on the IMDb boards, there was a discussion about the parallels between it and HT. Apparently, there are a lot of similarities. As far as I know, though, Aja and Levasseur have yet to own up to stealing from it.


Yay for der grindenhuis! I still can't believe I missed this one when it was out last spring. Maybe because it was playing at (again) the Landmark boutique instead of the scuzzbucket it should've ideally played.


I was just about to post about the Dean Koontz "Intensity" connection. I can't believe he wasn't credited or hasn't brought about some kind of legal action because seriously? The first oh, 90% of this movie is lifted entirely from "Intensity". Everything up until and including the gas station scene, is almost exactly what happens in the book with a few VERY inconsequential differences, namely Napa Valley substituting for the French countryside and the fact that the abducted friend is killed pretty early on. The ending is pretty much the only thing that is changed; the book has a much more conventional one.

That said, I enjoyed Haute Tension somewhat due to the brainless slasher fun and the beautiful scenery, but I have to say I agree with your contempt for the ridiculous ending. I actually think the "twist" wouldn't have been so bad if they had handled it correctly and not taken Luc Besson's advice. This is the kind of revelation that needs to hit you at the tail end of the film.

Laura Varlas

on the queer psychos tip--so when are you going to post on cruising? or is to boring to mention?



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