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October 11, 2005



I love it when you post pictures of that cat!! Whatever happened to Rocky? Haven't seen him in a while.


What? No tights?


I seriously want a cat just like Winston. I would also like to get into adventures with him, because he looks like the kind of cat that would accompany me through till the end; kind of like Labyrinth or something. I'm just saying.


Oh lord that cat is the shit. Absolutely gorgeous. Glad to hear he's not a junkie like that other cat. Seriously you need to need put his ass in a rehab program or something. First it starts off with catnip, and then one day you come home & it's like a scene from 'Blow'. You really don't need him bringing back his crack whore pussy girlfriends back to your place.

But that other cat - wow. Beautiful :)

El xxx


I love Winston. I have three cats and they're pretty cool, but nowhere NEAR as cool as Winnie. Keep him clean, don't let him become a junkie like his friend is.


winstons breath smells like garlic knots


That's some slow - and low - flying...


I think your blog is actually about Winston and the other cat. And you just throw in ANTM to entertain us! Ha.


Scout - Since Rocky lives with my mom, I only get to see him when I make the trip home. The past few times I was there, he didn't do anything particularly interesting, so I didn't take any pictures. I'll give him a stern talking-to next time I see him and try to get him to perform.

A funny note about Rocky: he was originally my second-to-youngest sister's cat that she adopted while home for summer break. However, my mom became attached and as summer came to a close, would become upset at just the mention of my sister taking him back to school with her. At one point, my sister said, "Mom, I think you're more upset about Rocky leaving the house than my leaving." My mother replied, "I kind of am."

Rocky never made the trip to school with my sister -- my mother just couldn't let him go. I guess your house only becomes an empty nest if you let it.

Tipsy McStaggers

I heart you like moms love dads for putting Godis'love on your site. I have decided to name my first born Winstonis'love.


AWWWWWWW-that's my most favorite cat pose of all time. I love when my cats do that! In fact, I try to pose them like that in their sleep-never works though!



Are you going to cover "Run's House" for us? The drug-addled quality of "BBB" will be missing, but it still looks promising! It begins tomorrow night (Thursday the 13th), I believe. Do do that voodo that you do so well.


Oh Jeez, I didn't have plans to do so, but with your heads-up, I'll definitely check it out. If it inspires anything, you'll know!


awwwwwwwwwww! what cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Man, you're so lucky... you've got a great mom, a cute boyfriend, and a superhero cat. How much better can it get? As for Rudy - you might tell him to be a little more discrete before he starts losing modelling contracts.

Blue Meany

Is that amount of cuteness even legal? For it is such a very, very large amount of cuteness ... you'd think the government would have sanctioned it already.


Winston's paws are so big compared to his compact little body. Too cute!


Being a cat freak myself, I love your site! My husband and I have been known to rub the cats together to elicit something interesting out of them...oh well, at least they're cute.

aussie c

Winston should so be a cat actor...he is so cute!!




You just became my favorite blog - I love your cats (and your ANTM coverage).


I agree with the above commenter - I love your cats (specifically Winston) and your ANTM coverage.

Now, more cat pics please!!



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