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October 03, 2005


Please post a list of all offending sites, immediately. NOBODY steals from my FOURFOUR!

Brent's going down.


Winston will totally regulate on some LJ bitches.


I don't know if it works on TypePad, but you can set up this thing called an .htaccess file in your images directory which will make it impossible for people to hotlink to your images. It's not terribly difficult -- try Googling ".htaccess" and you'll find a bunch of tutorials and code generators to help you out. It won't stop people from saving pics off your site and reposting them on their own, but it will keep people from sucking away your bandwidth, at least. Cut those photo-stealing bitches off!


Umm I like your photoshopped head on everyone's face...


I am proud to say I was your first reader and I am more addicted to this blog then the Jack and coke....and coke. I do everyday. I love you.....Can I fuck your cat?


Images are one thing, but some people steal patter and jokes, too, and that's bad like the gunsmoke, especially when they've got a humungous readership who think they're so thigh-slappingly original.


Hey babe. I feel you on this one. People are super quick to snatch and not give back. Everyone knows that this is the number one spot for wonderful screen captures. Get your own bitches!


I hoped I have never transgressed upon your bandwidth! I started an LJ feed for your blog a while ago...


No prob, Joshua. It isn't bandwidth that concerns me -- it's respeito. HAY-SPAY-TU.

And you know I love your LiveJournal ass, even if it's all mutated and shit.



And, thanks to your wonderful ANTM recaps, I managed to watch a marathon of cycle two this weekend... and now I am hooked. ANTM is officially "season passed" on tivo. Thanks bitch!


brent is dreamy. don't you have a man? if so, i got dibs on brent!!


Unleash Winston on those thieving roaches! You always crack my arse up! Funny pic of the multi-heads. Disturbing google search-WTF?? And, are you sure Brent is on your team? If not, you can send him my way!


My admiration of Brent was in no way meant to imply that he's gay -- in fact, I'd say that his appeal is entirely that of a straight boy.

But that's cool, cuz, we could, like, wrestle and shit.


Every day of my life I'm cursing myself for missing last week's ANTM eppie. Dammit.

Oh, and that other stuff sucks ass too -- regumalate! (Though I admit I'd love to see all the pics with your face on them. How about Winston's head on Tyra's body just for good measure?)


can i start photoshopping your stern face on all my pictures? you know, just family pictures and stuff. p.s. if you quietly tell me who's stealing your pictures, i'll quietly kneecap that person in, say, a dark alley.





Exactly, in the words of (fucking) yaya respeito the Rich bitches! It's not right but it's ok sugar.


Rich, it breaks my heart to hear that these bitches are stealing from you. Enough is enough! And, did stuffonmycat.com happen to note a home address for Brent? I'm always up for stalking if that's what it takes to win a man over.


I'd just like to know what kinda STUFF Brent's got on his CAT. Who's with me?


I may have a man and certainly ain't going anywhere, but I am with Rich, perhaps we could just wrestle with Brent?

Veronica Vinegar

I'm surprised nobody's stolen pictures of Winston yet and passed him off as their own!


well hellew thar gorgeous.


while waiting for you to post new stuff, ive been perusing the archives and i swear to god i read this and i cant believe that screenshot. its the funniest thing ever and then these comments. im dying over here. i love it.

I am proud to say I was your first reader and I am more addicted to this blog then the Jack and coke....and coke. I do everyday. I love you.....Can I fuck your cat?

Posted by: Rocco | October 03, 2005 at 09:51 AM

that shit made shit my tequila onto the moniter!! thanks!



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