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Bre pissed me off that she came off so uncaring and mad that she was in the bottom two. She was supposed to cry, she'll never win with that attitude.

I like that they're picking off all of Kim/Tim's friends. I like seeing her look so upset...even if she's improving, she's still freaking hideous. Ew.

I can't imagine Lisa making it to final 2, my guess is Jayla and Nik. And not just because we could see some YaYa vs. Eva shunning.


I never think Nik looks good except when she's in that 'confessional' room - like when she was crying, or this week, when she had those black-framed glasses on. she looked hot!

Tipsy McStaggers

Jesus - you have outdone yourself this time- HILARIOUS!!


Dude, it's so strange that everyone Kim gets close to gets voted off that week! I think it's an ANTM conspiracy.


Thank you! I know how much it must have hurt to throw those Orange Man pics in but that booty pic will get me though the weekend man.
Add that little Tyra freak thing at the end and you may have made my whole week.


Superb! Just found your recaps last week, and they're as glam as the show itself. I thought it was Bre's time, as well, but was glad she's still around (she is the awesomeist). I see the final two as Lisa and Jayla. Lisa is quickly becoming a fave. I love that she's honest about being a wino. Yeah, winos!


Heh heh heh TyTy's friend Tony! Awe ya know I just fell out laughing over that shit just now!

Back to the review! Agreed Lisa put down the wine and picked up a slice of ultra charisma! You go GIRL. Bring it. I’ve been waiting!

Uh has anyone noticed how super creepy Jayla has become? The claws are out folks so I vote we review what info who know so far about dis hoe:

1. She smokes cigarettes (oooh how evil mad naughty!)
2. She ‘fornicates’ (oooh behave!)
3. She listens to ‘hardcore’ music –from the year she graduated high school. ~Jeez I can’t think of anyone else that I know who still rocks out to the music they dug when they were in high school…hummm…she MUST be a bold trend setter!
4. She’s from a family of holy-rollers! –So you know right there this bitch can be ghetto ruthless….Yeah, right maybe when competing to sell Mary Kay or Tupper Ware products! –my money is on that bitch going DOWN fools!


okay, this week lisa was working a serious harpo marx impersonation — don't believe, check the pics above!

rich, i hate to beg but i must: i'm compiling an album of miss jay's looks each week and i'm horribly disappointed there is none in your recap this week... your grabs are much sharper than any i can attain, soooooo... is it too late to get one?

and speaking of miss jay: she's obviously not getting enough orally, she would NOT shut up this week!

please, rich?!


OH. MY. GAWD!!!!

Tears are streaming down my face, you hilarious man, you. Her arm creases look like vaginas. Goddammit. I never thought anything could top Cousin It.

Michael K

Perfect once again Rich! And you are so right. Lisa and Nik are Top 2 with Kim rounding out the Top 3.


I was really hoping you would give us the verbatim on Miss J's advice to become tafetta (or something?). "You gotta be all cruncha cruncha..." ?


I love your site. It's fabulous. I don't know if you've kept up with all the ANTM's or if this is the first season you've kept up with.

But, I came across this pic of Yaya. (The girl that lost to Eva the diva) She is in Essence.



I was so bummed about Kyle. I loved her, I really did. I thought it was Bre's turn to go. Or Nik.

I know Jayla's a big ho, but she's a hot ho and I think that's going to take her really far.

And Lisa looks like a lion.

I'm really starting to get into Nicole. I think Nicole is this season's dark horse.


Okay, so I have to know: if your precious Bre has slipped in your rankings, who do you think is going to take this thing home? To my mind there's not one real frontrunner, though I'm guessing Lisa is going to go through some kind of Eva-esque personality transformation. Of course, I say this having missed *every episode ince the premiere*!


No doubt, Lisa's a babe and probably nuttz...

The pic you've called "Lisaliveshard1" reminds me of Beavis & Butthead... LOL!


I've been a lurker all season menstrual cycle but this post led me to comment.

When Tyrock told Jayla to pose like "I'm a baby and I'm a virgin" I almost choked. I would damn sure hope a baby was a virgin. The hell?

I was shocked as all get out that Kyle got the boot. Not mad just shocked. Hanging out with that Kim is the kiss of death I tell ya.

And I have to tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with you for saying Tyra's pits looked like vaginas! With visuals no less. Hidamnlarious!


It looks a lot like they're pledging a sorority. I pledged a frat, and we always heard the girls were way meaner than the dudes (shivers).


Lisa knows the most about fashion - so she will lose. Nik and Nicole in the finals.


how much do i love your recaps? 10 out of 10 armpit vaginas! i must dish. if tyra could have the house full of all tyras she would. ego extreme. but with her it works somehow. i still say jayla's "evil" is completely fake because she knows her confessionals will air that way. everything she says is entirely baseless. but if it is real, i'll break that bitch's pinky. i guess they thought kyle peaked, but i disagree. she was great in the collagen lip shot. her eyes really connect. they are not liking nik and i think they are grooming nicole for a breakthrough shot and will seriously crown her. lisa does have real shot at top 2 but i seriously still think it will be nik and nicole top 2, with nicole as winner. please let bre and kim beat jayla. please.

Notice how Nigel looks away when Tyra roars. He mt be so annoyed with her (me too!) She doesn't seem to take his opnions into consideration when making the cuts.


Thanks for putting that image of Tyra's armpit crease in my mind. Now, I'm not gonna be able to look at anybody's armpits without analyzing their potential similarities to you know what.

I thought it was Bre's time to go to. Lisa'a always been in my top two, but I actually think she's gonna win. She's too good at everything she does. Nik is beautiful, but she's empty. Not "relatable", which is what Cover Girl is looking for. At this point in the show, we don't know anything about Nik's life, and do we really want to? Lisa is intriguing...and talented, which goes a long way.



ok, the armpit to vagina equation, too much. man, you are totally hilarious. and i missed some recap on miss j as well. i'm thinking it could be a lisa and bre match-up. i looooovvve bre but she does need to stop being so nonchalant about this. she does kinda have the "i'm pretty and that's all i need" attitude, but the personality and looks rock, unlike lisa, she's such a hag...


long time reader, first time poster. your recap this week was actually way more interesting than the show, which was way to drama-free. but how, oh how, could you not include Miss J and the new hairdo pics? props to you: you completely rock, because you have a fan base now, and you fail to disappoint us week after week. way to handle the pressure, man!!


Does anyone know where I could find the black-and-white pictures online?


Can someone make an RSS feed for this great blog?

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