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October 14, 2005



I'm overwhelmed and confused. Did you even eat while doing that?


Nigel is fricken hot in his old modeling photos. Mmm.... Nigel. I suppose he's hot now, but he just comes off rather pervy, really, and it's giving me a bit of an ick vibe while I simultaneously want to lick his neck.


Doo, I can't even thread a needle anymore.

gayest neil

Damn. The Plus-Sized Girl gets taken down quick. If you are a contestant on ANTM show and you hear "plus-sized", go ahead and say goodbye. Order some ribs, enjoy the swank pad and hope you make it long enough to go to some foreign country, cause yo curvy can is gonna get canned!

I so wish they'd invited that one weepy big girl back who has been canned twice in the pre-show from the past few seasons. I'd love to see Tyra bring her back to the hotel every pre-season episode only to say NO each and every time. That'd be delicious. What was her name? Was it Mary?

I miss Janice too. And yeah, she was totally being too nice. How boring... I agree. She's taking down House of ANTM from the inside.


Rich.... for so long, i was proud of myself for *not* watching this show. and then i came across your blog. I'm an addict now.

I'll be sending you my Cablevision bills.


LOVE that you've added yourself to the cry tally. Isn't that what the kids call "so meta"?

Also, I hope this doesn't come across rude, but you have the hottest mouth.


Janice RULES! I miss her very much also.
Lisa is a dish it out and can't take it kind of lady...she got it from all ends this week! Damn. All that bad-mojo karma finally snuck up on her drunk ass. Lisa is very lovely though...The camera is kind to the cross eyed, boy chested, gap-toothed beauty. She had so many flaws going on there I was embarrassed for HER! But then I guess she had a lot of time to think about how flawed she was –thanks to all the catty bitches!!! YAY you go catty bitches! Tell that Lisa off! While I do enjoy Bre & how real & honest she is, my money is on Nik winning this thing. She’s such a gracious beauty….well at least so far.
I also agree that Coryn is doing a fly-ass job of appearing soft. Cheers to her!


Indeed, your cry took the cake, Rich. And you know what else I find funny about your site? The little names that you give the pics. I don't know, that's just hilarious to me, especially the one for Jayla's big booty makeover pic: sholookgoodtome.


And I could be wrong, but are you a fan of Bre's?


You rule, Rich! Thanks for the Miss Jay pics. So gorge! As always, dope ass recap. Sadly, I don't think Bre will make it to the top two either. My guess is it'll be Nik and Jayla. While we're on the subject, along with plus-sized models automatically being placed in the Discard pile, add being an out and proud lesbian (Kim). You know Cover Girl (like SC Johnson Wax, a family company) would never go for that. They prefer "On the DL" sapphs like Queen Latifah and Eva "Missy's bitch" Pigford. Just sayin. Oh, do I need to say "allegedly" or anything? Allegedy.


I thought it served Lisa right that she dishes it out, but can't take it, and Janice made her cry; even though I saw it coming!

And I want Janice back too... she rocks. I am over Twiggy.

Thanks for the fabulous, as always, recap!!!


How cruel, yet funny is that chickie trying to hide her lazy-eye?.
Rich, you should be on the show. Your crying shows how in touch you are with these poor swans.
Glad you included a cap. of that hot Nigel. The show bores me, but these recaps are greatly entertaining!


These have worked wonders for me:



Hey you sexy thang you. I cracked up when I saw you add your picture, LOL. You are so wild. It would be my dream to have Bre win but I dont see it. I think you're pretty dead on with your selections.


Oh and Naima is so fucking boring. Someone make it stop.


My non-Tivo havin', keep falling asleep too damn early, can't-program-a-VCR-to-save-my-ass self LOVES you for your recaps. I'm wiping away a tear of gratitude right now.


Did anyone else think it was ironic when Miss Jay told the girls during the 'flaws' photo shoot that they should be mad at their parents for bad genes?


AUGH! Another missed episode. Thank god for your recaps. Except those shots of Jay in his cut-off shirt and Miss J have put me off solid food. OMG - I'm just like the contestants on the show now!

Anyone want to place money on some kid of catfight - complete with hair pulling - involving Lisa?


oh my gosh. all kinds of awesome. i'm speechless.

Cake and Ice-Cream

OMG, you are so funny, Kim did look just like Waldo. Thanks for a good laugh


Diane was a plus-sized disappointment. Makes me miss the days of Toccara. I saw her on the street once.
ANYways. I hate to see you cry love. Don't worry, I believe in Bre. She has to make it to at least final 4.

And like, I never realized like how often Kim says "like" until I like saw it in writing. But like, I say "like" a lot too so like, that's cool.
Hehe. Like rhymes with dyke.


I love you for your ANTM recaps. And not like the love that you have to have for your 97 year-old grandmother that thinks its 1935, but the kind of love that Bre has for black people. Or Cassandra has for her hair and world peace. Or rejection has for the 'curvy' girls. ANTM isn't complete until you've had your say.

JH, of The I Hate Janice Fanclub

Here's hoping Janice downs a Drano cocktail sometime in the near future. Trainwrecks are sooooo 2004, and I just really wish she would off herself already. But on a brighter note, I like Bre. I would someone could transplant Lisa's modelling knowledge into Vre's pretty little brain.


I must have very conservative views on beauty, because I find Lisa incredibly hideous with her close-set eyes, juttingly-angular jaw and overly large lower lip. Do the judges actually think she will take good pictures when she can't manage good frontal shots?


what did i do to deserve reading such a site?
whomever you are, you're so on the ball it's not even funny! MONEY BABY, MONEY



dj Danny S.

Hey what's up with the Coryn/Minneapolis connection? Is she from Minneapolis? I really need to pay better attention to her, she looks more and more heavenly with each pic u post.

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