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October 06, 2005



Sue definitely gave a shout out to yer cry count! Luved it...


Good stuff. I'm glad Sarah is gone. Her pictures were ugggly. And Twiggy needs to go, too. Sigh.


oh come on. bre walked like a shire horse. twiggy was right.


I love that you worked in a quote from "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" in there! You rule.


I thought Twiggy was totally out of line when she knocked Bre's walk; Bre is Fierce, with a capital F. She rocked it, and she knew it. They all did.

Sue Wong was cracking me up with that "more Mongolian princess" shit. I died.

And, just so you know, Rich, you have officially gotten me HOOKED on another show. Write for EW damn you!!! They should be begging you!

Thanks for the fabulous recap; after the show was over, I couldn't help but wonder what you would pull from the episode, that could make me love it even more. Thanks again.


Nicole needs to go. Twiggy doesn't know jack about paintings. I loved the remark Nic made about going to bed early--there is just no sense in staying up late when there is work to be done. What a snore-bore! She needs to get herself some drama if she wants to stay in this competition.


Can I just say something before I make this comment? PLEASE post pictures of Miss Jay in Fashion Police Witch garb. And remember, just because you're wearing a turtleneck, that does not mean you can't give us more neck.


hahah - you are awesome. My favorite screenshot is the one of Sue Wong mocking the losers... too funny.


Can you believe I missed this week as well because they pre-empted the show for baseball? BASEBALL!? This country's priorities are so screwed up.

That being said, I want to hire Miss J for parties.


Love you, hate Bre's walk. The Twigster called it; her "signature high-stepping" worse than Yoanna's clopping. And God Bless Tyra for creating those lovely non-sequitors that make sense to no one but herself. Oh, that wacky supermodel.


Hilarious recap! Twiggy was right about Bre's horsey walk, though. I'm amazed that anyone liked it.

gayest neil

I've been watchin ANTM since when it was just boring old ANTM. None of this cycle 2, 3, 4, 5 stuff. And woe is me do I miss me some Janice D.

SOBS! I can barely stand to tune in. Orangina drives me me fuckin' nuts!
ALTHOUGH. I do SOoOoOoOo miss the Covergirl Tip of the Week!!! Do you?

(It was so much more awse than watching Eva bottom for Missy or see Naima panhandle on subways.)

And the TYRAnt is more out of her mind than ever. This whole season is just unbeerweaveable. And that's a crying shame indeed! Oh I miss Janice. Your Twiggyometer is awesome!

Darlin' clock one more on the cry counter cause this big, burly sissy has been bawlin' for three weeks. But seriously, your blog is making it more bearable. My boyfriend doesn't understand my obsession with this show. There should totes be a Wednesday night viewing social (support group) at a NYC gay bar! Maybe Excelsior or Metropolitain?



J. Alexander looked like an extra from an Esther Williams film in that poolside getup.


Ok, Sarah's lips just freak me out everytime. Beautiful of course, but creepy.

Cassandra also kinda looks like the chick from the Cranberries. Thank God she's gone. She had already chopped all her hair off, why not just go another inch. Your hair is not who you are. What a loser.

Bre - did I miss something?!?!?!? Her walk DID SUCK!! She looked like a horse walking. It was the worst walk I ever saw.

Nicole is like a porcelin doll, I love her.

Diane IS a man!!!

Kim, if you're ever in S.FL, give me a call >;o)


What a let down with the lesbian action!
It was "oh we kissed when were drunk" and then a grainy night vision shot.

And Kim was a bit of a bitch about it.

boo kim.

Im so glad awful consitpated cassandra is gone.


Whoa, Rich...so many topics covered in this recap so quickly...I need to go lay down now...

And where's the recap of the girls "dancing" by the pool?! We TiVod this episode and definately watched that part like 5 times.


Bre's walk is definitely NOT fierce. It looks like she's trying to slog through four feet of water.


Once again you delivered a recipe for hilarity! I'm causing a ruckuss in my cubicle because I'm laughing so hard....gotta go before I get eliminated.

K. Marie

Why has nobody commented on the fact that Coryn is a man. There needs to be a "Ace Ventura" moment when someone turns her around and points out captain Winky.


Because everyone already has commented on Coryn being a man!

And to all the Bre haters -- y'all's jealous.


Your recap is hilarious.

I love it, and if I ever miss and episode, I'll totally come running here first! (Like that will happen, though. Still, I'll definately read your recap. You're tops on my fav list now!)

I love Bre too! She's definately on my ANTM5 Fav's list. <3 I love her walk! It's got more personality than anyone else's and that's what counts. She walks with confidence and awesomeness, and everything she says is like, golden. Love teh Bre. She's my #2. (Jayla's my number one because.. well, she's just cool. She reminds me of me. Oh yeah, and her favorite movie is Ghost in the Shell, I love that movie.)

Can't wait for more screencaps! A picture is worth a thousand words, but you have a thousand and more of both, so.. what would that make this worth anyway?

BTW, I'd like to request a favor.. Do you think you could take some screencaps of Jayla's shorter haircut for me? I want to show them to my hair stylist for my new haircut.. It's so cute. I also want to show it to my friends on my blog, and I'll totally credit them back to you.. I just.. uber suck at screencaps.


Oh my GOD, I'm DYING.

Monica D

Doesn't sarah have the exact same lips as Angelina Jolie!? So i guess angelina is a duckbilled platapus home wrecker too


Someone Said Bre's Walk Was Like A Horse... Erm, Horses Walk Very Well So.. :S



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