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October 13, 2005



her wig was extra bad last night!


Chew being the operative word here. Those eyes look like those rawhide bones you give the dog.


I agree with Markus. She looked a HAM. Anyways, I hope you feel better. I'll take you over in the woods and work you over like Whitney later :)


Buck up lil' camper, Bre will get her spirit back and no longer be on the cut-list.


What the hell is that flanking Tyra??????!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH I am scared. That must have been your Halloween prank.

I was so worried they were sending Bre home last night... she is quickly becoming my favorite.


i guess this is the look lil' kim was going for...


She looks like a female version of Odo from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.


god i LOVE jocelyn wildenstein. she gets me through a rough week.

how i <3 ANTM

Aww, I'm sorry not to have it right away, just because I loooove your recaps and think you're hilarious! But feel better! And don't worry about Bre- i'm sure she'll be fine.

gayest neil

There WAS a female version of Odo from Deep Space Nine. She and Odo "merged" at one point in a big lake of ooze. Totally ick.


Awwwww... Rich, you look so sad and pathetic in your picture. I know just the tonic to 'turn that frown upside down'... A long weekend at the shore surreptitiously photographing all the New Jersey CHUNK! I'm right, aren't I? Don't answer that. I'm right and I know it.


Your ANTM commentary makes watching the show worthwhile! I was sad on Thursday morning that your commentary was not there, but you made my Friday afternoon full of laughts!! Hope you are feeling better.


please continue to be obsessed with antm, as i am equally obsessed. i've been rooting for nik since day one, though bre had me from her initial shot on the site before the premier. i will predict a top 2 of nik and nicole though. if and only if nicole can work on her voice for the sure to happen commercial episode. they just absolutely love nicole and i think she's a doll. kyle just is boring to me. jayla has an outside shot for top 2. and kyle maybe. i say nik wins, if she gets more personality quickly. she is bubblicious.





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