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October 10, 2005



Um, I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie before.....it's, it's Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls!!!!
What a horrible experience that was, yeesh.


SO feeling the Activate track. You've got the best taste, Rich! Hopefully you'll be playing out somewhere next time I'm in NYC.


Ruthlessly great, all 4 tracks. thanks for the jams, Rich.


"Wanna come over to my pad? I've got a whole swimming pool full of mayonnaise!"

Tipsy McStaggers

Meagan is right - Valley of the Dolls is my bible and this blows that out of the water - Again, I salute you my friend.
P.S. Have you ever thought about selling Winston T shirts???


Shoes. "Bizarre Love Triangle" is being used to shill shoes. (For Payless, if I'm not mistaken. Damn you, Star Jones!)



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Very beautiful tribute, my ears are teary as I write this, it is an anniversary for me as well. I lost my mom 6 years ago today, on Halloween, I still think of this as a unusual time to have died. But that is the date, I loved your memorys, as they show her attentive touch, grandmothers just know.

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