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November 24, 2005



I've been reading for awhile and not commenting, but I just wanted to tell you after reading that last kitty post that you are absolutely hilarious. I get way too excited when I open this page and see new material.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Last night was a sad day for Team Bre! After only 7 minutes into the show I just knew we were done. Yes yes Thank the Lord for this blessing and please don't touch the girl's food. (They have cameras, why didn't they show who took the damn granola bar but had to show Bre with the Red Bull 500 million times.....I'm just saying.)


So I watched ANTM last night.
Because of you.
Damn you for getting me interested.

But I thank thee for the ripostery.

An LJ friend sent me a link to your journal, and I must tell you (after long lurking) that I deeply and sincerely love you.

You make my office a better place.

Thank you.



i had to call a friend (Quel) during the judging to 'pray' with me. I couldn't make it on my own. It was too much, just too much.


god doesn't care about lesbians.

it's a sad day for Team Tim. even though i know she only had one face for the camera, she was my Sista. i knew it would come down to an explosive dual 'tween those two.

sara k.

your gif's make my life, seriously.


Ohh, my head hurts. Just thinking of how smug Bre must have been when they sent Kim packing - "See, God don't reward ugly. She's an ugly person." Oh, it just makes me want to throw a replacement can of Red Bull at her head.

If you only knew how often I've trashed reality TV to my friends and co-workers. I hate myself for caring about this show.


Cannot wait for tomorrow!
Now that I dont have cable it will be my entertainment for the week...that and knitting. Does Winston need a sweater or jaunty scarf?
I will probably make my bf download a torrent of it.
Im so excited I just found out that they are casting for a Canada's NTM! The model hosting the show is someone Ive never heard of! Its going to be so fun.
l8r sk8r..
Happy Thanksgiving!

M to the G

Happy Turkey Day, Rich!

I am so glad The Judges didn't send Our Bre to the Bosom of Jesus.

John H.

I can't help but still love Bre. Sure, she was petty and wrong, but girlfriend's got my heart.


Frankly, I hate Bre. But I loooooove your ANTM posts.


I've been reading your blog for weeks, and crack up hysterically each time I read your ANTM recaps...but how the flying hell can you dig Bre so much? The bitch is insane! And, not a "fun" insane, she's a "self righteous" and "dangerous" insane.

I'm mystified. What is it about Bre that everyone loves so much?? Please, educate a simpleton like me!

manhattan offender

But when Bre had Kim on the floor, with her hand over Kim's mouth, weren't you expecting Kim to fight back? A little? That scene was we-ard. Or maybe it was the weed ...


Go back and read Rich's briliant Being Bobby Brown recaps, and you'll understand. Bre love comes from the same insane-bitch-lovin' place as Whitney love.

And Jayla took the granola bars. That's just the kind of thing a homeschooler with no social skills would do.


iT WAS definitly Jayla who took the damn granola bars...I could tell, when Bre was talking about it in the limo ,Jayla was about to say something about it and then Bre mentioned how much she hates the Nicole and that she knows she took it.

Oh and i think Nik will win the ANTM


Jayla totally took them. She was making the same "not-guilty" face when Kim brought it up with her as she made when Nik asked her about the stolen secret. She's also a retahd: "Staying still is just like being in a makeup chair! Hahaha yayyy."

Bre has a one-way ticket to crazyville.


She so did not say "all damn day". Covergirl Crazy Bitch of The Week goes to...Bre. Bless her. (Though it is never ever okay to waste Red Bull.)


Bre is not attractive. There, I said it!
Nik's going to win.


I'm sad to say that I've lost my love for Bre after this episode. The stupidity with the Red Bull was bad enough; then I watched the extra unaired clips on UPN and learning that she also admitted on camera to taking a bottle of wine Kim had bought and dumped half of it then filled it back up with water. Don't know why they left that out of the show. WTF, Bre?


I just think Bre's ready to go home...she's beginning (understatement!) to crack. Sometimes when the pressure's on, you just wild out. Poor Bre. Going off on Kim to the extent that she did was not cool. She should have just stepped away for an EXTENDED minute and spoke to Nicole about it or whatever.

Still love her ass, though.


omg: bre has lost her ghetto-simple mind... her mama-impersonating "god don't like ugly" speech was just madness... it's neck and neck now in the who's the bigger "pressure's made this black woman crazy" sweepstakes: will the winner by the mighty ty-ty or fanger-waggin' bre?


OH! This isnt ANTM related..BUT I just remembered that when Mariah's Butterfly album came out a record company guy was telling me at an industry party that she always has everything she does thinned, stretched and airbrushed.
Because shes a shorty so she gets her photos stretched to look taller and then everything is airbrushed until she okays it.
Apparently the Butterfly cover had a ridiculous amount of "retouches" before it was okay'd


OMG. How could anyone HATE Bre? That's just impossible!

Really, ONE nasty act from Bre and now everyone hates her? It's the same with Jayla too.. OMG, just grow up people. No one is really perfect, you know?

Well, except for you, Rich, but, you're special. <3

And then everyone thinking Nik is prettier than Bre? XD Ahh, as if... Fiveheads over bubble eyes ANY DAY.


never liked bre, here... but, don't much like anyone else in the line-up, either... no top model's in this season really... the remaining white girls are bo-ring looks-wise, exceedingly.. and the two sistah's are actin' too hard to be sumthin' they ain't... bre channeling big mama and nic still workin' the urban librarian mess...

best part this ep: bre's snot-producing crying cuz she thought her insane ass was being sent home and the ever-expanding ugly boundaries of my fave crispy-critter, miss jay...

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