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It really is quite startling how well Trya did her Blow Up Doll imitation.


Great recap. I felt really manipulated at the end though. And as a huge Lisa fan I was really let down by her peeing episode. I'm still in her corner though. Huge stars always have issues. I'm rooting for her. I'm still annoyed by Kim, but for the first time am a little nervous about the possibility that she could win.

Manipulation or no, I'll still be a Top Model fan during season 20!


How ridiculousely pressed am I that I actually did understand what Mr. Jay's shirt referenced. And yes, Eva looked like shyt, but the dog was the cuteness.

Justin MR

I am in love with you and your lyrical beauty. Indeed.


I feel robbed. Robbed! I wanted Tyra to eliminate Jayla, *then* tell the rest of the girls they're going to London. Sigh.

Veggie Girl

Yes! I was so happy that Jayla was gone, and then it was all sadly taken away from me.


as far as lisa goes, give that girl a perscription for oxycontin and her own tv show! she is on the one-way train to courtneylovesville! y'all KNOW peeing herself in a diaper is just the tip of the psychoberg. mm-mmm!

Michael K

Rich, that Teaches of Lisa is spot on! I totally thought of that. OMG I love Lisa now!


>Especially if what you want to do is Missy.

Eva IS NOT doing Missy! And I would know. Because she's totally doing me:


naima's forehead looks like it has a touch of michelle's "flesh eating" disease from last cycle. thanks for my miss jay shot!


Rich you are so right, you know Jay Manuel totally thinks Bel Ami is a city where all the gays flock to! He's such trash lol. I saw him make a guest spot on "Eve" last night, he's so wooden. But I have to admit I'd probably rock the erotic city t-shirt myself. I love price and I wont let little orange man take that away from me.


Naima looks like Bea Arthur in that shot. Damn, girl.


These recaps are SO much better than the show. But you know this already.

Damn Tyra for saying "oogly" on TV. Bwah ha ha! Bre truly was sexual chocolate especially considering that she doesn't even like the stuff. Imagine her endorsing a product she loves--she'd probably have a damn orgasm. And was it just me but did anyone else think that Nik looked straight fugly in her pic with the Wildboyz? She looked like Janice, the guitar-playing Muppet.


pfft... jay manuel's acting truly sux but he's only wooden when he's got an especially firm cuke lodged deeply... can't stand! that platinum, greezy shark-fin 'do must die!

great recap, rich, as per usual... when people ask me why i've let myself go lately i tell 'em about the 'chunk' factor and how important it is to at least TRY to catch your eye...

nice miz jay pics, too, muchas gracias!


why no recap on the FAT TYRA episode of her show? FAT TYRA! FAT TYRA!


your recaps are one of my friday workday highlights! I was pissed about tyra getting my hopes up about jayla going home. but it was REAL funny when nicole was so gone about being eliminated she couldn't get back right.

Hey anybody see Brittany on Love, Inc.? I've watched most of the ANTM folks on UPN all week, and she was by far the best.


Oh Rich thank you!
Im glad Im not the only one who saw the Peaches resemblance.
I laughed at loud at "have a cookie"
Your recaps are so much better than the show.
I wish you watched the British one too, it ends next week, this week was a double elimination for real!


Right on, Rich. I must say, however, I was extra impressed with Tyra this week, especially when she pulled an Oprah-gives-away-300-cars with her "AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU....!"

Love me some Opyrah.



You need to get paid. Seriously.


And paid is not a typo.


As one of the 12 people in the country that watches Veronica Mars (it's really good), I had the pleasure of seeing Naima's acting debut. Anna Nicole Smith could have done a better job than Naima. She is a truly dreadful actress. BTW, the Top Model Recap is the highligh of my week. I look forward to it more than the actual show!


I absolutely loved it when Twiggy yelped "Tyra's GLAWSSES!" I was hoping for a sound clip. Guess ya can't win them all. :(


my prediction of nik winning can still come true if an only if she learns how to talk. damn she's incoherent. my most hated one is definitely nicole. then jayla. then the rest are all one big model person combo lesbian jada pinkett bug eye wino.

not twiggy

forget eva and the other ANTM bitches. is that a picture of ramona quimby, age 8 in the left column? she is the only bitch who rocks my world. lovesit!


I love you, Rich.
I found this site a week ago, and I got hooked right away. I just couldn't stop laughing, and it's hard to get a laugh out of me.
Thank you for the recaps.

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