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That's right! Like we was talking about the other day - - blogging can be a bitch. We don't get paid for our services. Hell I may not post today my damn self.


Hi there, I've become a recent devotee of your site, and your ATNM re-caps are fantastic, well worth waiting for! You take however long to need to create the magic darlin'...


I personally hate the clip shows whenever they air, mid-season, end-of-season, whatever. But at least it freed up my Wednesday evening for once, for I am a slave to ANTM.


i kinda like jayla's bitchiness. i mean, i would be a bitch too if i had been brought up jehova's witness. that's like taking the power away from jett travolta to go on a rampage when he turns 16.

The NB

Rich, you take until 2015 if you need to.

gayest neil

I think we can blame last night's clip show on that short haired bitch who quit!




I think Gayest Neil is right and what that means is that we have ANOTHER one of these bitches to look forward to before the cycle ends and it's time to replace the tampon. Sucks 'cause I was really hoping for a super-surprise-no-elimination episode.


Was this mid-cycle clip show perhaps necessitated by Cassandra and Sarah both getting cut in the same show? As in they had an extra week to fill up?

I adore you!


Y'know, I actually kinda like Lisa now that I watched the clip show. She so crazy! Plus, I don't really see anything wrong with downing a bottle of Jacob's Crick in an evening. Maybe I, too, am an alcoholic bitch. Plus, this way we got to see that Coryn said sorry and all was well that ended well. However, my hatred for Jayla continues to burn like the white-hot napalm of the sun.


That woman is completely, utterly insane (in the membrane). In the brain! Got no brain. She's insane.


word to the bubbly!
I had some last night as well and I must say, watching ANTM whist high on bubbly is the best thing in the world.

Thanks for all the recaps. I was wondering how you manage to do all of that for the next day. Yes, please save your sanity because we love and need you.


I love you. Take as long as you need.

I can't figure out the reasoning behind the Jayla-heavy focus of the recap. Like we really want to see more of her?


take as long as you need. it will be worth the wait.


I like this post! The screen caps of trading spouses are priceless. On the fox website I was watching a clip of her going crazy, its the best crazy moment since tyra lost it with tiffany.

Last night while i was watching Top Model I kept replaying Jayla's psycho rant and I thought to myself if only I had that creepy mp3, you read my mind! Thanks Rich!


In the immortal words of the S.O.S. Band...take your time and do it right. Blogging can be very taxing. Glad that last night's show wasn't an elimination show because I missed it anyway.


last nite's fiasco was a Jontue-scented love letter to lisa and kim. thoughts?

i think jayla IS mister bojangles, in disguise. they should get a cat.

and rich, you take all the time you need. you had me at "holla".


jayla needs to take her big ass ugly ears and fall off a cliff.

Lisa is one crazy bitch. It's a love/hate relationship with me and her.
I still think she's ugly though.

this season is kind of boring. It's pissing me off.

what would jayla do

although i too was highly dissapointed by antm's blahzey blah clip show, i have to say that trading spouses definitely filled the void...that woman is definitely well on her way to crazy town.


Rich, i love ur ANTM recaps....the little sound files are funny and Bre rules! could you please put a sound clip or bre saying 'my weave's sweating...i gotta go" and a video clip and sound clip or lisa doing the uhhhhhhhh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhh dance....thank you :)


and WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ the christaaaaaaanaannnnnaaaaaaaaah crazy lady


You take however long you want! It's well worth the wait!

I don't care what anybody says.. I like Jayla's bitchiness. It's got personality. Most everybody in the house now has some sort of personality about them. Especially Lisa, Jayla, Kim and Bre (who is LOVE itself incarnated into one fantastically beautiful girl). Sometimes Bre's personality is hidden.. (She's so geniune and quirky..) But she definately has more of it than Nicole or Nik.. Who are just.. dull.. And boring. At least bitches, drunks and lesbians are entertaining.


Watching top model last night I was thinking the exact same thing about Jayla, bitch bitch bitch. She's my boyfriend's fave, heh maybe that's why he's with me.


Jayla passed bitch a while ago... now she is just pathetic.


Jayla is an ugly skank bitch. She looks like a small rodent animal. The only really pretty girls in this competition were Kyle and Nicole. I don't even get how minger Nik got into the final two. She had bubble eyes, a huge nose, retarded lips and skanky hair. Bre was much prettier.

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