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It's official, Diddy is the devil. Hip-house was fun music that made you want to move. Diddy's song makes me want to slit my wrists. Ugghh! I. Hate. Him. Now.

I cosign that Latifah's "Come Into My House" is one of the best hip-house songs. Other favorites of mine include "Stomp" by K-Yze, "Let it Roll" by Doug Lazy, and, of course, "I'll House You" by the JB's. Thanks for taking me back to my college days.


Great post.

One of my favorite Hip-House tracks was KC Flightt's "Planet E."

I almost miss the days where it was almost required that you have one house song on a hip-hop record. Even Big Daddy Kane and ISIS (from X-Clan) had a house record on their album... and of course, they had the word "House" in them so if you hate it, you could easily tell when to hit the fast forward button on your tape deck.


Didn't he also have a track with Kelis in the same vein?? I'm just wondering. Either way, he's a damn fool.


Diddy? Help!

Nah, I'm going to attempt to check it out though. ATTEMPT. haha


Yeah, that track with Kelis was HILARIOUS.

"Let's get up, let's get ill. Your dreams have now been fulfilled."

I remember seeing the video of him performing this track live. It was HILARIOUS.


was this the "girl, i'll house you!" track?


I loved Hip House -- and my partner and I still have that album! The thought of Diddy remaking 'I'll House You' tho....frightening.


"Come Into My House" -- those were the daaays! Yo! MTV Raps...and cassette singles. My favorite hip-house song was by some gal named Precious called "Let's Get it Started" (BigBeat) -- the rap was a bit corny, but the baseline was killer. I'm still on the hunt for that track.

Pop Muse

why is diddy screaming like that, doesn't he know gays don't yell like that on house tracks, we let our Diva's scream, honey! someone needs to slap his face hard for destroying "I'll house U."


this takes me back to my first club experiences...when i was at the club knowing damn well i had no business being there...too young... thanks for allowing me to remember my youth and run around the house like a queen on House Music...


gonna go have to burn my ears now

la bre

can u please post a gif of lisa doing her hump dance, she is the best dancer ever!


"Let it Roll" by Doug Lazy? ... OMG! I'm back at Tracks in DC on a Wednesday nite jackin my body and gettin my life!

... but only on a Wednesday nite, 'cuz you could jack and still be respectable on a Wednesday -- provided you were dancing by yourself.

(*now don't front ... y'all old heads know what I mean!*)

And truth be told, who wouldn't prefer dancing alone to jackin' w/Diddy?


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6GHARJ Kudos to you! I hadn't thought of that!

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This was so beautiful. What happened on the bus made me tear up reading it. It's wonderful that you still think about and honor your grandmother. Happy Dia de los Muertos and thank you for sharing this story.

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That was beautiful and made me use up at least 4 tissues. Your Grandma would be so proud of you, obviously the seeds she planted have flourished.

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