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November 13, 2005


Michael K

WTF?! That looks kind of hot actually.

I read your antm recaps every week. what's crazy is that i was visiting friends in bushwick this weekend and stopped by the bap on sat. night. i saw tejada for like 15 minutes before we bounced. small world!


you said it was murder-y, but i never imagined it would be... THAT... murdery... and who knew the bf would make such an adorable homicidal psychopath!

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I like this images because yesterday I went to video game store and I was playing XBOX in this place, I needed to go to the bathroom and surprise, the place has the same conditions in the bathroom as the pictures!!22dd

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What a beautiful, touching piece in remembrance of your beloved Grandmother. She must be very pleased, as her spirit smiles upon her lovely granddaughter.

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A wonderful rememberance and tribute. Oh how I owuld love to make beans like she did! Tonight you put out a little food for her, right?

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