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November 04, 2005



"Lez dispenser." You are too funny, Rich.


Dear Four Four...Your recaps are seriously the best thing about watching ANTM these days...which is pretty amazing, because I am still totally in love with watching who will STILL be in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. My friends, co-workers, and myself all heart your recaps more than we should. So thank you...you alcoholic bitch!


"Jayla began stretching out her mouth for the foot that would repeatedly find its way there"

HAHAHAHAHA LOVE that line. I used to like her but now all she does is bitch and complain. Can't wait to get her out of there.

I check FourFour after ANTM because I know your recaps will be hilarious. Keep 'em coming!


ive been watching this show since cycle one, and this is the first episode have i ever felt an inkling of "loathe" for the show.
i know that they use the girls for the meat of the show rather than pure modeling potential...but i dont think it has ever been more apparent than on this cycle

ps i love reading your posts, they' hilarious!


Rich, i love ur ANTM recaps....the little sound files are funny and Bre rules! could you please put a sound clip or bre saying 'my weave's sweating...i gotta go" and a video clip and sound clip or lisa doing the uhhhhhhhh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhh dance....thank you :)

brian w

The dancing Lisa GIF is making me die, over and over and over and over.

Also, the whole Mr. Bojangles thing? Surrealistic comedic gold.

OMG! Fourfour, your recaps of ANTM are like the best ever! I love them and they're even better than the show itself. It is like the water to my aquarium! It's what keeps me alive, but unforetunately, I LOVE Jayla. Sorry that you hate her, but she's my fav.

P.S. Love the dancing Lisa, I wish my dancing skills were that hot.


I think you should be America's next top model, Rich. Or like, America's next top awesome person.


Seriously, so much funnier with the pictures...it defies logic


Lisa vs. dancing...priceless.


Is that a picture of Ramona Quimby in your "about me" section?


i can't believe i dumped 'cousin it' so quickly in favor of 'mr. bojangles!'...

i hated coryn's handwriting on the purple index card (?)...she deserved to lose just for that!

i cannot stop lookin'n'laffin' at your grabs of kim in this recap: she's toast!


There's a scary resemblance to Jayla and the pic on the left side. It's odd.


I read your recaps every week and I love them so much! You're bookmarked.

I would love you so much if you would make that dancing Lisa into a less than 40K 100x100 picture for me.


Thanks so much for a hilarious recap. Your recaps make me realize what a total gem Bre is, but sadly, I think she'll be heading home soon.


I couldn't wait to read your recap post...i've been waiting since last week...you keep me busy here at work...Thanks, and keep up the good work!!
Victor and Dinky send their love!!


Leah -- I don't think I can do that without completely re-doing the animated GIF. I try to accommodate people's requests, but between the frame-grabbing and actual animation, it's too lengthy a process to repeat. Sorry about that.


"And then she ripped up the $50,000 check, while proclaiming herself a "God warrior." AHAHAHAHA I love you.


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If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


"Alcoholic bitch!" Hahahaha These recaps get me through my shifts at this boring desk job..

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