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November 25, 2005



As always absoulutely fucking hilarious!!! I love your Top Model recap more than the actual show. The drama in this one may have been childish, but it was captivating to watch unfold. It's too bad that Top Model is almost at an end.


I don't know exactly when it happened, but I've realized that I'm addicted to your weekly ANTM recap, and have converted from the Church of Television Without Pity to the Church of FourFour. Well played, Rich, well played.


lovely re-cap, as always, rich... and thanks for taking the piss out of bre a teensy bit this time, though she deserves much more... and, thanks, thanks, thanks so much for the grab of miss jay with the buck-teef: a priceless addition to my crispy-critter book!

question, anyone: was it just me and the wine or did the boobie-bodiced tee mr. jay was wearing sorta shift around for you, too? kinda like the chi-chi part was digitally pasted in and having trouble staying in one place? i swear every time they held it on screen it seemed to be moving independently, just ever-so-slightly... not like real dirty-pillows though, like digital ones!


Thanks for all of your ANTM recaps. They are almost better than watching ANTM. The commentary is hilarious!


you're so hilarious. but don't you find that whenever nicole's about to cry, she does that weird, abnoxious thing w/ her face. it's true that people (not all) look ugly when they cry, but she looks like she smelled the stinkiest, most horrid turd or cheese.. i starded to notice, earlier in the show, and it made me cringe whenever she does it, ugh. perhaps make a college of her whiny faces, like u did for whitney, that'll be great.


I love your recaps as much as, if not more than the show itself. I was hoping this week to get a sound byte of my favorite Bre line this episode "I don't like Nicole and I don't believe her story, if I hear about those energy drinks one more time, she'll be wearing it tonight." I lost my mind when she said that, Bre is everything. She's been my fave since whoever was blocking her view in the final all white group shot got booted and disappeared, leaving Bre's hot ass shot clear as day. I think it was plus sized Diana, I may be wrong. Anyway, thanks for the fun, and plz post that Bre byte if you get a chance.


If Bre has answered 'yes' when Tyra asked if she wanted to go home, I wonder if Tyra would have switched the photos. The Red Bull fiasco aside, I was sure Bre would be sent home when she started crying and talking during another girl's evaluation in panel.

Poor Kim got booted just as she finally started wearing makeup and that girly pearly necklace to judging. I bet there is a lot of footage in some Dumpster behind ANTM's editing facility that shows Twiggy and Nigel yelling at Tyra for wanting to boot Kim, and Tyra responding by showing them who signs their paychecks.


So you bring up a vital point -- who would win a fight between Chucky and Predator?

Let's compare:

-Chucky leaves no heat signature.
-Chucky is batshit crazy.
-Chucky pours the enemy's energy supply down the drain.

-Predator is cool as a cucumber.
-Predator is sometimes happy to merely sit back and watch an adversary self-destruct.
-Predator be fierce, y'all.


yet another marvoloso recap!

carol =]

your recap is good.

i like kim. now i loathe tyra. how could she boot kim... >O<


when nicole's crying she does look like she's caught a whiff of something turd-y... but her nose gets red and round and she looks like a clown altogether... not purdy!


Procrastination -- Good point. I totally grabbed that Bre "wearing it" rant and just forgot to post it. It's now under the Chucky picture. It makes more sense for the talking/killing Bre doll to have five phrases, anyway.


jayla ate the granola bar. i felt totally jipped by tyra this week.


Feh. I don't care who wins anymore. The only thing that would recapture my interest is a catfight between the two Jays.

Brains Nbooty

this was my first visit to your site, and i must say you are hilarious. your recap of top model was fierce and dead-on. as a lesbian, i enjoyed kim until the point she said she was confused about her sexuality in judging one day; she just lost most of her cool points with me.

but i love, love, love bre. i want her to win, even though somebody gave a nasty spoiler. i should spank you!!!

p.s. jayla is pyscho!!

Jamaican Goddess

How funny is is that Nik's pic has been viewed 973 times and Nik's "friend" has been viewed 1896 times?!?


Your recaps are the best!


The second Nicole sound bite made my dog get up and start whining!
She sounds just like if you kicked a small dog in a 900 dollar jacket and diamond studded collar, you know if a dog like that was ever even allowed to walk and wasnt always carried around in a 1000 dollar bag that you know smells like pee.

Another wonderful recap...see I dont need cable I have you!


Another great recap.

Kim definitely resembles Winston.

Is it me, or do Nik and Nigel seem to have a little something simmering?


Lez go??? Oh my lord that is funny shit. I love you for days! I want you to live in my house and give me recaps on everything. Life would be so much funnier. Thank you. Also, i want to cat-nap Winston. He is amazing.


I heard it through the grapevine that Kim was saying there was another lesbian in the house who was told to keep it on the DL cause Kim was the official token. Remember the scene in the confessional when Kim busts in on Nik's phone call and goes "She's the gayest thing in this house!"?




i start losing interest in watching ANTM. hope nicole will win (most probably not..)


is it me, or is kim her at her hottest when she's not trying to be a model? that goodbye shot of her in the hoodie with the fag behind her ear was smoking (so many puns, none intended)... straight as an arrow i may be, but i love me some kim.


when it came down to choosing the lickalottapuss or brebre from the block, my heart was in harlem and i crossed every possible appendage in the hopes that bre would stay for another week.

my prayers were answered.

and, i'm with john: i too have converted to the church of Fourfour without even so much as a backward glance at my former place of worship TVWOP...


Insane n da membrane

I agree with the posters who say that four four has replaced my TWOP addiction. Much funnier and with images too.

The Bre/Chucky photo is a classic!!



Well, since nobody asked: my love for TWoP hasn't wavered. I think Potes is a genius and I look forward to her recaps every week. The Internet's big enough for both of us (not to mention TVGasm, Fans of Reality TV and whomever else cares enough about ANTM to write about it). At least, my world is.

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