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Yeah, couldn't get through Huckabees or Life Aquatic to save my life. Garden State I found to be just okay/so-so. Natalie Portman is vaguely annoying and non-believable when she plays "typical teenage girl" characters.

But I 100% LOVED Me You and Everyone. Every second of it.

me hate her

I was so glad to see that I am not alone on this one. I HATED this movie and I HATED that quirky for the sake of quirky bitch. How fucking dare she run around acting like she's a psycho and torment innocent people with her insufferable nonsence and then stare at them as if there is something wrong with THEM for not "getting her" The scene in the store with the phone is the most obnoxious thing ever put to film. The film enraged me and made me want to smack the next faux mousey chirping art nerdess I see in the face with a a 2x4. On the other hand i am a big fan of I heart huckabees- great soundtrack


just watch it and loved it...Yes its quirky and clumbsy but so is real life at least mine is...bizarre...feck it's brilliant! Do you think Miranda is into buttsex she's got a pretty cute ass...

While I have to thank you for a screen cap of the 'me and you shoes' scene, everything else you wrote was such bullshit I had to stab myself several times.

Everyone on this page has pretty much virtually bitch slapped my favourite movies. True, it's almost a cliche to like things like Garden State, I Heart Huckabees and The Life Aquatic, but my God, some people honestly like them.

In my opinion, Me And You And Everyone We Know is one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen. Much like the other movies mentioned here. So suckit.


this movie was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lame and the entire theater whole-heartedly agreed with me. some walked out it was so was ridiculous and the pedophilia was incredulous - if you want to be bathed in that, go see 'capturing the friedmans,' which, by the way, was much more interesting, honest, less pretentious and worthwhile.


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Rich, you and I totally rule. I agree with you on every mark. I'm tired of this quirky indie shit; I put "Chumscrubber" and YES, "Little Miss Sunshine" in the same category.

Leeroy Jenkins

I disliked this movie because it could have been a perfect movie.
I won't get into what exactly made it imperfect cuz, so far, this compilation of postings has really just been a rantfest (me included) of personal tastes.
All of our views are so different that it doesn't even matter anymore.
But I will say that I was disappointed cuz I had, unknowingly, been a Miranda July fan for a long, long time.
10+ years ago in L.A. I was listening to KXLU (the best damn college radio station on this entire planet) and there was a crazy, quirky chick "guest DJing".
She was so nuts and fresh and wild that I just had to tape it.
So I did.
Two years ago I tripped over the cassette, listened to it again and wondered who this amazing girl was and what had become of her.
Shortly after this, I saw a short clip of this movie and recognized the same wistful manner of delivery that one of the actors used when speaking.
This was Miranda July, of course, who also wrote and directed the movie.
I then realized, to my amazement and delight, that it was also the same girl who had guest DJ'd on KXLU many years ago.
Although I couldn't wait to see this movie I didn't see it till just a few days ago and what a letdown.
The critical praise confuses me just enough to make me want to see it again but I am as sure as rain that I will feel the same.
The movie could have been perfect.
It wasn't.
And it wasn't in a really big way.
To have come so close to achieving perfection in this world and to fall short only inches away from achieving it is almost shameful.
But, at least, it is human.
I am still a fan of Miranda July's cuz I know what she can do and will, sporadically, continue to do.
I'm just not a fan of this movie.


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I caught part of this in middle of it on tv the other night. As always, I agree completely! Pretentious bullshit. Seems like July was trying to hard to be artsy and brilliant in her heavy-handed quirkiness. Gahhh!!! Kill me now.

It was a weird sensation watching it because I was vaguely familiar with the movie but I couldn't pinpoint how, then I remembered your post. How meta!!!

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