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Tyra is having an expose on former ANTM's problems and heartaches tonight!
I hope you do a recap.

I miss cable.


i liked this movie


Saw it. Probably the sappiest, most cloying movie ever made for grown-ups, but the macaroni joke was funny and the older of the two boys (played by Miles Thompson) was SUPER cute.


okay - this is such a weird coincidence but i literally just watched this movie for work and i was appalled at how fucking terrible it was. it gave me a headache. then i read all the reviews, and i was like wtf - you either absolutely hate it (ME ME ME ME) or you absolutely love it. I want 1.5 hours of my life back, and I will kick her pretentious art-performance loving ass to get it back.


i totally loved it. perfect somber inside out unpretentious (yes) weird apple pie of a movie. and beautiful cinematography. a million stars. seriously.


This movie was so awesome!!! You are slow.


I'm not very artsy, and I often don't like movies that try too hard to be weird, but I found this movie refreshing. And funny. And touching. And there was a plot.


Oh man, this movie was the WORST. I was hysterically laughing at how lame the goldfish part was. I also didn't buy the relationship between Miranda July's character and the main divorced-guy-turned-Al-Bundy-shoe-saleseman's character (too boring to even remember his name). The point when I had to turn the movie off was when July's character goes psycho stalker to Al Bundy's ex-wife with an "I Love You" talking picture frame. BAD stuff.


I personally loved this movie. But to each his own I guess.

Oh..but your Ghost World reference really rocks.

george p-

You need to seek out a better Tech. Writing flop to edit your ill formed sentence structures here. If you can diagram five sentences from this piece I'll give you a degree in Primative Languages. If you weren't busy masturbating to 'Bruce Willis' and 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' you could study Freudian methods of dream analyisis in literature. You must stop masturbating 'Albert,' you're ruining your studies.


Funny've made me want to see it so bad. I absolutely must see it for myself to see. Scatalogical IM's!!! Hhahaa. That's what sold me!


I am a movie lover and i HATED this one. Seriously, the scene where they just met and they're walking down the sidewalk going "this block is our lives together and when we reach the lamppost it's when we die" or whatever, then 5 effin' seconds later she hops in his car and he goes "what the hell are you doing?" Um dumbass, you just spend your whole lives together, remember? I'll stop now cuz I'd rather light my own hand on fire than think about this movie any more, but thanks for the screencaps, hopefully they'll convince a few people to not waste their time/money/brain cells.


The poop scene is one the funniest things I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of things.


I wouldn't try to argue that this film is amazing or anything, but I think it was at least pleasantly creative and a bit off the beaten path (in a way more often productive than not). Sure, it wasn't that cohesive and was at times even "cloying" (as says someone above) - but i've seen many many movies far crappier and/or far more pretentious than this one. i see this kind of film as like will oldham music - you either accept it or reject it, deciding whether or not you're ok with its obvious self-aware "eccentricities". I can't say I love oldham either, but in the same regard, he's done some interesting things, and is at least a refreshing change to the utter tripe we see in the mainstream entertainment industry everyday, even if, sure, sometimes you just wanna turn him off.


Shut the fuck up!! I was just at a friend's apt last night and they were watching this psycho movie. I think I need adderal after watching it. It's clearly insane.

Nerd Alert

I agree this Movie was Super Poop. It should get the Academy Award for Best Poop. As well as Best Supporting Poop.


It's not meant to be weird for weird-sake, it's poetic. If you're so out of touch with feelings, metaphors, symbolism, then get a brain!!!


Okay, it's not the Godfather, and maybe it was a little self conscious at times – someone mentioned the scene where he kicks her out of his car – that bothered me too – but hey, I saw King Kong the other day – a perfect movie? Not even close – but boy was it fun! I forgave this film too. I defy anyone to keep a straight face during the “poop” scene. And in response to fourfour’s criticism that it lacked a plot, I found it to be a soundly constructed, unformulaic, multi-plot story, interwoven via the themes of what Scott Foundas of LA Weekly put better than I could; “the longing of children to become adults, the yearning of adults to recapture the innocence of youth, and the difficulty of finding love at age 7 or 70.” So there. And anyone declaring that they no longer need to see the film after reading fourfour’s rant about it having no plot and too many “quirky” characters, should at least reference these pages; & before potentially depriving themselves of a film they might be able to appreciate more than fourfour - who is just a big poopyhead.


A poopyhead perhaps, but since I agree with him on everything else I've read here I'm gonna go ahead and -not- see this movie. (Thanks Rich!)


I guess I have to disagree with fourfour's review. Taking the images and dialogue out of context makes "Me and You and Everyone We Know" look stupid because ultimately all art, all human striving, when looked at out of context, is stupid. Objectively, fourfour's writing of this post is stupid because you me and everyone reading this are going to die no matter what, so what's the point? What made the experience of watching "Me and You and Everyone We Know" so special, at least for me, was that the film did not shy away from this and similar topics: death, the passing of time, the longing and failure to communicate. You failed to see Miranda July's point, fourfour, and that was kind of her point.

Taking things out of context is especially misleading in "Me and You and Everyone We Know"'s case because there is no real strong context for the movie outside of Miranda July's own idiosyncratic context. When the images and dialogue from the movie are posted out of context and given a cynical slant, you lose, if you ever really had, that individual, fragile, optimistic, almost painfully naive tone that July manages to somehow imbue the movie with. It's not weirdness for weirdness's sake, like other indie movies ("I Heart Huckabees" and "The Life Aquatic" off the top of my head) that you could rightly ridicule for their pretentiousness. There are certainly things that are similar in my mind to the movie, like "Before Sunset" or "Arrested Development", but you can't really pinhole it, say that it's simply a romantic/sex comedy or indie film, because those genre descriptors are woefully inadequate in getting across what July accomplishes, the tone and message that she gets across.

You do not necessarily have to like the movie or its tone but at least judge it based on the perspective of what July was trying to accomplish, successfully imo, through that tone. The overarching point of "Me and You and Everyone We Know" as I saw it is this: that real engagement with an idea, a film, a person, is so rare and seemingly impossible, except that it IS possible; you just have to put yourself out there, be willing to engage, before time runs out. And that fragile almost cloying tone which is so offputting and odd to get a handle on at first works wonders in getting this point across. So by all means, read and weigh fourfour's review, as well as any others in order to engage with what the movie was trying to accomplish and then see it for yourself if you want to judge. Just please don't prejudge.

Just little me

Oh, thank God for vocalizing my hatred for this movie. I watched the whole thing because I couldn't believe that someone actually got financing for this piece of useless crap. Other movies in the same genre of "stupid people doing useless and stupid things that really indicate how deep and connected with the universe they are: "I (heart) Huckebees" (was there a plot for that movie or the did the director just tell the actors to act crazy for the sake of it?) and "Garden State" (ok, this one was not that bad but the same vacuous aura going on). It is SO pretentious to create a movie that films unimportant people doing unimportant things with the message, "Oh, man, that's deep!". Oh, I will take that back: it's not pretentious - it is STUPID! Another comment, now directed at "The Royal Tanenbaums" - a funny set of characters does NOT constitute a movie. Please invest in some plot, please? Thanks a bunch... P.S. Did anyone else feel creepd out by the pedophilia angle of "Me, you and...".


I may have already posted a comment of agreement, but it deserves a repeat. AGREED.
"Garden State" is just as evil, in my opinion. At first, after seeing these movies, I was a bit sucked in by the quirkiness. Then that being sucked in quickly turned into hatred, anger and a rage blackout. These filmmakers think we're stupid. Unfortunately, lots of people are. Thus, these films are deep.


Hated this movie; everyone I saw it with (in the theater last summer) hated it as well. Thank you for saying it sucked Rich, I'm a movie lover and couldn't believe that so many critics praised it. It was boring, unfunny (throughout, including the scenes everyone seems to find "hilarious"), and made me want to shake Miranda July for being so full of herself. Linkswingwoohoo, I disagree with your assertion that July made her point successfully, and her "cloying" tone merely made it worse for me. I couldn't believe we actually had to watch her make out with her own hand, for god's sake! To each his own, I guess.

Rich, your bit about how annoying it is when people tell you they are weird and then try to prove it? Totally reminded me of an awesome Blind Date episode, Battle of the Weirdos; the girl actually starts the date by telling the guy she is "pretty weird" then precedes to act just like July in this movie (including the high whiny voice)!


I'm a little late responding to this, but I had to say something when I finally got a chance to read your review.

Man, I ususally love your blog and agree with many of your opinions, but you are soooo way off on this. This movie rocked. My boyfriend and I both agreed that this was the best movie we saw last year. We are movie freaks and see almost everything, but no movie we saw affected us as much as this one last year ('Junebug' and 'Brokeback' came close, but this one wins).

Here's why: I was alone for many years and had very little real connection with people (had a major weight problem for a long time and sub/self-consciously removed myself from a lot of social interaction as a result). In all my years of movie watching, I have never come across a film that so accurately portrays loneliness versus being alone ('Living Out Loud' with Holly Hunter is another of the few examples, but it's so much more commercial than 'Me and You...').

Because of all my years of being on my own, I probably have a lot of insight into what Miranda July was trying to get across and I thought she captured it perfectly. I loved the film, especially because it's a topic that is so seldomly portrayed on film.

I also loved 'Junebug' because I grew up a former Southern Baptist that is now in the North who feels disconnected from his family and roots and I also loved 'Brokeback Mountain' because I am gay man who spent most of his twenties in the closet and was scared shitless of what people would think. Both of those films are really fair and honest about their subject matter and are great movie making, but I liked 'Me and You...' even better.

I am now out and happily in a relationship with a beautiful boyfriend/fiance and am working on the relationships with my family and am very happy to be in the urban north where I have aquired friends and acceptance. However, the loneliness and aloneness of my twenties is something that has really stayed with me and has not been easy to shake as my life has improved. And 'Me and You...' really hit a nerve with me and made me revisit a part of my past I thought I had worked through. It's that good of a film.

It's not perfect, but I completely understood where July was coming from and what she was trying to say about the disconnectedness of people even when they are surrounded by others. And in this day and age of computers and the internet, where people seem to meet less and less in person, I think this film is a real snapshot of where our culture is and what people are becoming.

It's not an easy film for many people and I certainly understand why many people can't seem to grasp it or appreciate it. However, for someone like me, who spent so much time on his own and felt so alone for so long, I really liked the fact that she tried to tackle this subject matter and did so in such an interesting, humorous and inventive way.

It's not a movie for everyone, but for me, it's a miraculous little film.


Though I can see where some comments above relating to "cloying" "self-aware eccentricities", etc. are coming from, none of it seemed distracting/overpowering in the least. It was fresh, interesting, funny and I much enjoyed the "lack of plot". it just worked. I felt like it was the type of movie where you could bring your own thoughts on "what it means" and not be wrong--a movie really for the audience and not a "vehicle" for some actor or overriding message. And the acting--especially by the two actors who played the brothers--was rediculously good.

I love free-form movies like this--something that's seemingly "plotless" & not tied up with a big bow in the end shouldn't have to automatically be labeled as "indy bullshit". Funny how authors who fully excercise the discombobulated story line rarely get labeled like that--they're usually championed. Like Haruki Murakami for example.

Btw, i HATED I (Heart) Huckabees. I found it to be INSUFFERABLY trying to hard. It was blatantly obvious what they were TRYING to do--but, in the end it was just a monotone, existential exercise. Something better not acted out and just kept on paper.

Sidenote: I probably wouldn't have walked out of the theatre if Britney Spears had played Naomi Watt's character instead. That'd be awesomely hilaroius: watching Brit Brit ape for the camera, while all the while having not a shred of a clue of what's going on. hehe.

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