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November 21, 2005



I am at my desk convulsing because of the ending!!!! You are a total mess!!!!


i found myself totally taking naomi's side... that tyra's got a lotta anger!

gayest neil

I think they should just merge into one omnipotent modeling being called Tyraomi.


The best line fron this recap has to be "That's roughly the power of greyskull" I had to leave my desk and go outside I was laughing so hard. Very cool recap


She did giggle during cruel, and it was wonderful. Bless you.


Thank you SO much for this recap. Completely unexpected. I missed the show and have been trying to catch it on Oxygen. I love Naomi -- always have, always will. Sorry, TyTy -- quitcha whining. Naomi is just the bomb. Dark skin girls rule, and she is our most fearless (or should I say fearsome) leader.


Is Tyra sitting on Naomi's lap in that one photo??
You are so awesomely rad!!
It seemed a bit like some weird highschool renunion where you go up to the mean girl and she doesnt remember you at all and you get even more angry because they dont remember that they made your life a living hell for 4 years! Which is really really sad.
Seriously thought is she in her lap?
Whats that all about?


watched this mess and just kept asking myself: WTF???

tyra's workin' too damn hard or suttin'! she really sounded cur-ray-zee!!

and why did she keep going in and out of 'nay-omee' and 'nye-omee'... is 'naomi' really that hard to say?!

love naomi with all my heart, now... that she went on this show and let tyra try to bring her down in exchange for a perfume plug is the essence of what it means to be a top black model, NOW!...


Naomi needs a damn perm. All that money and her edges look to' up. *SMH*


both have weaves to scratch....that was hee-lay-ree-ous! I DVR'ed this mess and i have to do this..

Dear Ty Ty,

Your show is doing well and not on the verge on cancellation so please try and keep it together. I need you to stop making every single show about you. The word for the day is OBJECTIVE. You looked crazy going at it with Naomi. She doesn't even remember half the crap you said and yet you continue to have sleepless nights. Naomi's itchiness has nothing to do with you...I need ou to say that over and over as a mantra every day.


P.S. It is obvious that Kim has ANTM in the bag since Lisa's gone but can you please have our girl Bre in the top 2 with her?


My favorite part of the show was when Tyra tried to force Naomi to say she was sexually abused as a child. That was sassy AND classy.


Oh Hell to the Nawlll. lol. Love Naomi but the B is crazy. Somewhat murderous, in fact. And clearly,she scurred Tyra and got her all nervous and confused because Tyra decided to wear that silky, blue frock. Um...shouldn't she have looked Hot to Death to meet her arch enemy?

Just sayin'.


Poor Naomi... Tyra is a petty stupid stupid bitch. I think Naomi is a good sport for even making an appearance.


I suck at being witty, so I'll just say Best.Recap.Ever. Oh Tyra(nt), you bloody wretch, your pettiness made me side with Team Naomi now! You suck for that, whore.

Veggie Girl

Wow, I know you do great recaps, Rich, so having not seen this episode, I'll have to assume you were dead-on as always. That being said, what a DUMB ASS show that was. Tyra came off as the queen keeper of grudges, and Naomi obviously was just there to plug her perfume and didn't give a crap about the feud she doesn't even remember. On second thought, that's hilarious! What a great show after all.


Rich, what have I done?? Why is it that you are consistently so very, very good to me? First this fabulous post... and then, A Nomi Malone Banner??? you love me, don't you? Just ADMIT IT!

You rock!


Soooooo glad you recapped this one!

I love em both, what can I say?


I was so on Naomi's side. Tyra's show is essentially nationally televised therapy for her, her chance to get attention with her parade of demons. Is it Naomi's fault if Tyra can't compete at her level? That she's not as fabulous as Naomi? I don't think so. Naomi was a sport to turn up but you had to wonder, why bother?

John H.

I do love my Ty Ty Baby, but yeah - kinda petty. At least she didn't give one of her screaming lectures!


When did Naomi become Beyonce?


I took a 2 hour lunch to come home to watch this. Thw whole thing was worth it to see them walk each others walk at the end. Obviously all Tyra ever wanted was Naomi's validation that she's a good model too dammit! It was a little sappy, but I must admit I was touched.

I loved it when Tyra told Naomi "I'm still afraid of you to this day, when I see you at shows." and Naomi looked oh so pleased.

Great recap as always.

Jamal Polk

i wanna see them fight to the death i thynk tyra would win comin from compton, maybe they'll do a photoshoot or suttin


so now that her show's peaked, can someone please cancel it? love antm. hate the talk show. hate. maybe naomi should start her own talk show and re-piss off tyra. that would be fun.


Lol, Naomi was drugged/alkie'd out back then, so it's no surprise that she didn't remember any of that shit! And as much as I like Tyra, she GRATED with all the "let's go back to Paris, when I was 17 years old." Arrgh!! So, I'ma have to do a dance for Naomi!

I must agree, the walk-off at the end was hot! Naomi had Tyra's walk dead-on, while Tyra's arms were flapping way too much.



Christ on a cracker. I watched this show with my mouth hanging open, just floored by how surreal it was. While two people confronting each other on daytime television happens all the time, it's very weird for one of them to be the host. You could almost see Tyra's little internal switch flipping from "crying injured child" to "talk show hostess."

I really would've loved to see the facial expressions of Tyra's staff - and her mother - way back when Tyra first told them she wanted to do a show confronting Naomi.

Tyra's effortless careening from narcissism to sensitive therapyspeak is uncanny.

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