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November 09, 2005



I care about Rudy!


Ooooo - that is too funny! Morris, watch your back - a new cat is in town, and he can outpose you! What ever happened to Morris anyway - did he retire? Who cares - we have Winston!


Damn. Rocky doesn't play. lol. It's a little strange how much you look like my boyfriend in that picture though.


Winston in a biskit! I love it! Rich, will you marry me?


Man I love me so Kitty Pride...


Me and Marcel (smushy face dawg, canine Winston equivalent) are going to come to your house just to eat Winston up with a spoon! And we aren't even cat people! Oh Winston!!! Oh how we love you!!


I think it's so funny that, when you visit your parents, you travel with your cats!


ooooh... careful, now -- cat-scratch fever is all too real. andy got it from Weezie and it fucked him up for weeks. to quote THE UNBORN II, "their stools carry disease!". girl can't help it if she's from the gutter.

that said, winston is still Most Likely to Make My Eyes Pop Out of Their Sockets and Rub Themselves All Over My Monitor. precious!


"(no picture available, because really, who cares about Rudy?)"

I care about Rudy!! I love Rudy!


The disembodied head of Winston is the personification of villainous. Also, Rudy could have put a stop to Rocky fucking with you, Rich... Too bad he didn't come out from under the bed. And Loretta ~ What a butterball! At least her compulsive licking is a good sign she hasn't completely given up on herself!

P.S. THANK YOU for the update!


HOLY Kaballah! So I'm just wantonly scrolling through my friends list and I'm like OOOH someone posted a picture of Vin Diesel with a cat! And upon closer inspection, it's you! Please tell me you don't hear this all the time, otherwise I'd be no better than a BW. :(


I just love love love your winston kitty!


I seriously believe that your cats live secret lives, and you only get to see a part of them; but unlike other owners, you capture that part oh so well.

Winston in a biskit? you rock.


Hey, I think Rudy is a cutie!!!!
Love cats :oP


Dude, three cats? That's way too many. You must be up to your nose in cat litter.


Errm... Rich?

Do you own anything other than white t-shirts?


I care about Rudy, but he's no Winston. My kitties are fat too, I can feel for Loretta.


mmmmmmm, rich...

oh, sorry, uh, cute kitties!


Ohh, I like Rudy. And Rich too.


Oh my god! You look like Vin Diesel! And your kitties are so cute!


Rich, why do you have to be such a Rudy-hater? That bitch needs love too y'know (Mind you, it's tough since Winston is so damned fine).


Poor Rudy. I'd hide under the bed, too, if I knew my father didn't love me! Shame, Rich, shame! What kind of parent ARE you???

Oh, and Loretta isn't "fat," she's "Reubenesque." I'm quite sure her "milkshake" brings all the tomcats to the yard. (God, did I just reference that stupid-ass song from like a year ago? I suck.)


Rich, you've been slacking with Kitty Pride. We need MORE kitty pride.


finally, the return of kitty pride. i thought the haters might have kidnapped winston and rudy in retaliation for bucking the party line. good to see them (well winston at least)...look how big rocky is now....seven months you say. can i really have wasted seven months here! incredible. where can i get some winston in a biskit? xoxo.


i love your cats. they tie with the top model recaps for the best posts on the internet.

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