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Are you feeding him popcorn? lol


Chile you and that cat, LOL.

Veronica Vinegar

I love little Winnie's cry in the background. Rudy is a little grabby-paws!!!


I've got to order those chicken things!
BTW-Winston looks like Winston Churchill in that pic!




OK, I'm watching the 'Rudy Eats' video. It's ravenously cute and crunchy. I look down for a second to fork some spinach into my salad hole and when I look back up, Winston is STARING RIGHT AT ME. Crap. That little feline/garbage pail hybrid actually gave me goosebumps. If you missed it, watch it again, cuz it's chilling, y'all.


Please make that pic of Winston into a wallpaper. His expression is hilarious. He also seems to have a lazy eye a la Paris.

don't call me Ma'am

Winston looks like a pissed-off Mr. Tinkles. Classic!


Winston looks like he has something very important to say. Was he about to make a speech?

I agree with nic, definite resemblance to the W.C.


Gods bless gay men who dote on their cats.


I like how Winston manages to get in the background of the Rudy footage.


awww poor Winnie meeping in the background...


And your cats are cute too.


My cat Cate smacks food out of my hands like that too. She does the possessive grabby paws too when you try to feed her.

Maybe it's a tabby thing?


Thanks for giving Rudy the props he deserves. I was a little concerned there that he was gettin' his love.


I want to fuck your cat as much as I want to fuck you! a lot!


Best Rudy post ever! Poor Winston is obviously jealous.


Thanks for giving Rudy his due. It seems like Winston doesn't like being out of the spotlight though, based on how he was slinking in the background.


i love your inclusion of your cats on your blog. i now deem both rudy and winston celebs in their own right! i have two boys--gizmo and tobey. if your boys ever need red-carpet dates, give my kitties a holla.


I'm totally weirded out by Rudy's girly little meow. I figured him for a squaller. Instead he's all "check me out! I'm three-and-a-half feet long! I have huge paws and manly 'classic tabby' markings! Massive mandibles! ..... mew?"


I LOVE Rudy!! I glad he's not neglected.


I'm going to have to try those treats for my cats...thanks for the link!


Y'all, I think I hooked a rug in high school just like the one in your kitchen (made mine into a floor pillow). Ooh, I'm freakin!
God bless rudy & winnie. I love this blog.

Polycarbonate   sheeting

And your friends over here on the west edge are the happy recipients of your cross-country cookbook-writing adventure. Reinvention is your gig, Patricia. Writing about that will one day happen, I have no doubt at all. Terrific post, woman.

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