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american jew in london

aww hell yeah! I knew you'd put in the "That bitch ain't right" bit. Not too sorry to see crazy Lisa go, although her drama will be missed. Great recap as usual, I just watched the episode (I have to wait until Thu night here in London until I can download it).


Question: what's up with the flower thing Miss J wears at every elimination? Is he being paid to wear it? Does it commemorate a dead person? Why? Why?

gayest neil



aw, great recap as always.

and shit! shit! i'm gonna miss that tyra vs. naomi episode today. i too am hoping it is re-cap worthy. oh well.

trixie trix-a-lot

>(On Bre): I know she's verging on judgmental, but between the rascal, sandpaper voice and babydoll cuteness, she does chickenheads right.

That assessment is dead on, homie.


for the privilege of reading 'coily, 'inspector gay-dget' and 'cartoon baby dinosaur' you have my undying devotion, rich.

and for miss jay's ugly-ass, unnecessary pigtails and burnt face: my supreme thanks!


I love love love how you Seussified Nicole. That is fricken fantastic and show bloody dead on.

Nicole can be annoying but she does have rare moments of cuteness.


I swear if Kim wins I will take out my eyeballs with a fork!

I do love Kim's two handed love gaze at Jenny though. awww.

Last night was the last Britains-NTM and a girl I was rooting for won and I actually raised my hands in the air and shouted yes...its as close as Ill get to anything sporty(I too like penis!)

OH and Miss J's flower thing: he started off with a flower for each girl and then everyweek he takes one that in the end there will only be "ONE FLOWER LEFT!"
or something like that. It freaks me out a do the ponytails.

Thanks Rich awesome update yet again!


Brandy -- Was the post-game shot of Lisa suitable for your purposes? I wasn't quite sure what you meant by a straight-hair shot, but again, I like penis too much to pay attention to such things as curly and straight hair (a contradiction if there ever was one, I know, but haaaaaaay).


I'm taking a two hour lunch today to see it at 1pm. Tyra's show comes on Oxygen at night, but it's not always the show from the same day, and I don't want to wait for it to air again.

PleasePleasePlease recap! Your recaps are very necessary.

Gina B.

This is a great blog. ANTM is one of my favorite shows, and Miss Jay, the definition of "hot mess," could REALLY use a hot oil treatment, some Frizz-Ease, and a flat iron. I'm also kinda tired of Androgynous Kim.

I will regularly check your site for more updates. THANKS!


What is up with Jayla's not being able to get in contact her boyfriend for two weeks? Um, maybe not such a good sign there, Jayla. That bitch better be next to go.


i just can't even deal. if jayla wins i'm packing it up hermit style. the world really would be colder than tyra's elimination stare. btw i'm not sure if you've seen her myspace profile but do. it's putrid AND priceless.


dude. i was so wasted when the show aired that i seriously thought jayla went home. i mean, btich looked like a blow-up doll last week and was in the bottom two! that's fine, tyra, you wanna play durty? how bout i don't watch your talk show! take that! you will be cancelled in three years--mark my words!!!

M to the G

"That bitch ain't right" was the highlight for me. Miss Bre will hand you TP when you cry but don't mess with that girl.


Genius re-cap. Sheer genius. FourFour: that bitch is right.


The part where you compared Nicole to a Who is my absolute favorite thing ever. I laughed at it for like 10 full minutes. You. Rock.

Veggie Girl

Hey Rich, you didn't mention the scenario Tyra concocted to justify shoving 6 girls in a phone booth, so let me review that for you. Apparently, Tyra's premise for the shoot was that the girls are backstage at a fashion show, lolling around in their underwear, reading tabloid magazines when they are bum-rushed by a swarm of paparazzi ... so they all run outside with nothing but flesh-colored panties and their magazine to cover themselves and they "hide" in a phonebooth. I guess these scenarios don't have to make the best of sense, but does this one make ANY sense on ANY level to any of you?


Not sure how I feel about the she does chickenheads right....let it simmer, I'll be back.

Veggie Girl

Oops! Sorry for posting twice! But while I'm typing again, I'll just say that the onslaught of fake paparazzi hired by ANTM to accost the girls outside their London hotel was precious. You could sooo tell by the photographs they showed at the elimination that those weren't professional photographers. I've never seen such blurry, badly-framed 'razzi photos in all my life. Did anyone else find the whole paparazzi lesson ridiculous and completely delusional? I don't think Tyra really thinks anyone would stalk an ANTM model for her photo, but some of the girls actually seemed concerned that this will happen if they win the show!


Coily, "That bitch ain't right" screencaps destined for my screensaver slideshow, a Seussified Nicole, and to top it off, I almost spit my cigarette out when you called Jenny Shimizu out on her ageing accident. I heart you.


Hey, Rich, I'm new here, but I've been stalking--er--reading your page for a while now. But I'm wondering why you haven't said anything about Naima signing autographs at WALGREENS! When I first saw that, I nearly pissed myself, it was so great, haha! Besides that, wonderful job!


Can someone PLEASE tell Kim to stop wearing that dayum stripped shirt? Dumb Dummy thinks she really is Waldo. Now that I think about it, she's probally the infamous deodorantless bandit Bre was takling about.


she was Tyra's lover and her secretary.

I freaking love you, man, for quoting this line from MJB. I'm over here screaming with laughter (on the inside at least...I am in a cube)!

Another dead on recap. Love it! Need it! Want it!


RICH- Yes they are indeed good for me!
I just know Ill bring them to my stylist and she'll tell me "NO".

I only notice hair because my ideal man when I was little was the Greatest American bf and my bff both have curly hair...obviously there is a pattern.


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