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don't give up. We love you. We can't wait to read your ressurrected funniness.


Totally off topic, but I have to know: that picture in the sidebar wouldn't happen to be Ramona Quimby age 8, would it?


Totally Ramona!

Gayest Neil

Go to Nowhere Bar on Saturday night!


Why? So you can beat me up? I already said I was sorry for the recap mishap!

I actually won't be in town. It's my mom's birthday, so I'm going to back to Jersey, Jersey, Jersey.


no Winston Halloween Pics???


Someone very wise wrote to me a month or so after I started this site, basically saying, "Please NEVER dress Winston up in costumes. He's too good for that." I took that advice to heart, even on Halloween.

Truth be told, I wanted to gut a pumpkin and take pictures of him sitting in it and poking out of it, but since the boyfriend is a lot more responsible than I am, the end result would have been a slimy cat for him to clean. And that's not right. But then, that could have spawned another round of bath pictures, so, uh, maybe next year?


Pay close attention to the kitties at your mom's house, Rich. I have questions! Does Rocky still look like a bat-monkey cross breed? Has Lucille lost, or God forbid, gained weight since her last posted photo? Also, you could have at least dressed up Rudy for Halloween! He doesn't strike me as being too proud for that kind of thing...


Oh yes, we really do need updated pictures of Rocky. Also a pity posting of some Winston and Rudy pictures wouldn't be out of line either. It has been awhile...need a fix.

Enjoy your visit with mom.


Please don't be so hard on yrself! It is not your fault - it is screwy technology and the Hex of Jayla, to be sure. I am so sorry for anything nice I said about her before. I take it all back and then some. Now THAT is a bee-yatch!!! And you rock, Rich. Even more than Winston, much as I love him.


I don't know what it is, man, I don't like Jayla either, but her eyes just draw me in! I want to bathe in them...


Nice blog. Congratulations. Hope you like ours.


Damn, a couple of those beyotches were hot.


Okay, so I completely love you.

I just wanted to tell you that I've started watching ANTM this season just so I can read your posts and laugh even more than I do when I haven't watched the episode.



Rich, i love ur ANTM recaps....the little sound files are funny and Bre rules! could you please put a sound clip or bre saying 'my weave's sweating...i gotta go" and a video clip and sound clip or lisa doing the uhhhhhhhh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhh dance....thank you :)


Mister Four, do you still believe Bre is fierce? And what was Winston for Halloween? I must know...

Veggie Girl

The recap episode was probably because Cassandra left the show on her own, and so they needed one more show to fill their contractual obligations with UPN. So thinks me, anyway. Also, did anyone else notice that Coryn's printing skills haven't evolved past the 5th grade? What's going on with those bubble dots over the i's?

P.S. Ramona rocks! But don't forget about Beezus!


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