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Mr. Dr.

Personally I hope that you recover from AIDS and then Aaron Lemmings gets scabies that are infected with herpes. And then I hope Madonna gets a toe fungus and a horrible rash that forces her out of the public eye forever. Or for some poetic justice, a flesh-eating virus, something that will strip her of her surface.

AIDS...what a dick.

J.C. Boyles

READING THIS THREAD IS SO PATHETIC! I personally feel that gays ripping Madonna is like Blacks ripping Rosa Parks. Madonna is pure music genius. If you don't believe me, do a google search for reviews of "Ray of Light" and "Like A Prayer."


I dunno...

Like - she's no Grace Jones, ok?


thank god

Mr. Dr.

"READING THIS THREAD IS SO PATHETIC! I personally feel that gays ripping Madonna is like Blacks ripping Rosa Parks."

How so?

Isn't Madonna deeply into a religion that has very negative views on homosexuality?


On second thought, nevermind when the gap-faced cow is going to die just kill ME, get me off this pathetic ball of dirt filled with pop-apologists and vapid queens. Will one of you AIDSY gays kindly knock me up with your charged load and get me outta here??? We can meet at one of those steamy crystal-meth parties in Chelsea where they're sure to be playing "Confession of a Dance Floor" while everyone swaps hot loads and tina's their life away. Wait, does AIDS kill anymore? I thought you could, like, abort it nowadays with all those cool new drugs that are served in cocktails like "Sex and the City"!!!

if you pay attention you would know that not only is kaballah not a religion, but that madonna is opposed to all religions because she says "they segregate". all the religious talk from her over her career was always about asking questions about what you believe in -- she was never preachy.


ik ben droevig - lol i just downloaded madonna's sorry and she must have used bablefish to translate that into dutch.

Penny Woods

Loved the post and although I'm not a gay man and I like the early Madonna stuff better than the post 2000 stuff, I agree. Seeing all these pro-Madonna fans on this post remind me of those Madge-trolls on attempting to knock off Mariah Carey to get people to buy COADF by improving its user rating and lowering the ratings of Mariah's's pathetic and it shows that some people aren't accepting of negative viewpoints.

Oh, and more people bought TEOM the first week in release than COADF, so on behalf of all people who like pop music but hate trolls (and critics, like Rolling Stone!) that blindly claim that an album is the BEST EVAR without giving good reason, please STFU.


You are a very good writer, honey. Love to the kitties!

Cutest Panda in the World

For the longest time there's been a spooky faction of gay men -- I call 'em the "Bates Motel crowd" -- who have a violently rabid devotion to Strong Women.

This stuff has always been so nakedly Freudian in the most middle-brow and unselfconscious way, that it's seemed, to me at least, like a bonafide personality disorder.

At best it's an artifact of an era when gay men were taught to believe that a gay man is a man who really wants to be a woman.

Thank God that era, like Madonna's career, is in its death throes.

I suppose there will forever be gay men who think drag queens are perpetually hillarious, and who believe that Madonna played an "important" role in gay life, just as there will always be right-wing fundamentalists who believe fags are evil and will burn in hell.

But just because some things hang around forever doesn't mean that I have to take them seriously or feel that they're of any legitimate value.


Just a thought, but isn't the whole point of pop music the fact that you get to be mindless and dance and forget about the serious things in life? I have plenty of heavy music to listen to. The thing that has been great about Madonna's music is what I miss most about '80s music in general - the simplicity, yet catchiness of a tune, and you don't have to think or ponder on the world's problems, you can just get caught up in the dance beat and smile for awhile. As serious as Madonna takes herself, she must not take herself too seriously, since she writes and sings the most simplistic songs. There are enough performers out there with black eyeliner and black clothes singing about politics and doom and gloom. Its nice to have a break from that every once and awhile, and just be carefree. To bury oneself in mindless dribble on occasion is actually refreshing. I thank her for that. even stupid songs like Who's That Girl?, are an absolute escape from the everyday grind. Thanks to Maddona for 20 years of providing a background to traveling to the void. It has been very much appreciated.

heard it all before....

I think it's hilarious that some people have this quasi-intellectual need for everything to be relevant and profound to come out from all of Madonna's body of work. And for what? So they can feel good about themselves and feel superior/intelligent? So that they can discuss over coffee/tea Madonna's hidden meanings in her songs/books and the amazing barriers she has broken? Surely, she has made records and movies that weren’t anywhere near what the public demands from her. That's not her problem! She's an artist and her track record speaks volumes of the personal highs which she celebrates (in her music), and of the personal shit that she needed to wade through.

Obviously, some of her work can be remedial and freshman-ish, some overtly sexual (particularly her Sex/Erotica phase), but when has Madonna been consistently super deep? Like A Prayer? Ray of Light? Maybe. How about American Life?

The point is, Madonna’s not perfect... no artist is! She’s a fantastic pop culture machine. I love her, but to think she’s always spitting out really deep/exceptional shit, or to expect she should always spit out really deep/exceptional shit, is really stupider than stupid!


Love it !
Shame you're not very cute otherwise i would have married you !


I know that this response comes late in the game...but seeing as Madonna has only just kicked off the US leg of her tour, I think a little input would still be relevant.

I couldn't agree more with the post two above mine (by "heard it all before...")...or less with the original.

People who criticize Madonna as being "vapid", "arrogant", "talentless", etc., while claiming to be "huge pop music fans" piss me off.

This certainly isn't the first time I've heard these opinions of Madonna...nor will it be the last. But in my experience, I've found that most often, those who criticize Madonna for her vapidness, shallowness, etc. (usually self-proclaimed intellectual superiors) actually have NO IDEA what pop music is supposed to be...and yet, they consider themselves pop-music fans.

If I may, let me direct you "big thinkers" to something called an Encyclopedia. FYI: An encyclopedia is a coprehensive work that contains information on virtually any and all branches or KNOWLEDGE. If you're interested, you may go to online Encyclopedia. Feel free to type "pop music" into the search engine, and see what you find.

Some of the more interesting points made by the article include:

1.) The definition of the pop genre as "music produced commercially, for profit, 'as a matter of enterprise, not art'...whose content is driven by market as well as aesthetic forces".

2.) The idea that "[pop music] attemps to resonate with a large segment of its target demographic rather than pushing artistic boundaries".

If the above two thoughts are too difficult for you...allow me to summarize.
Pop music is not supposed to be content-heavy, and we're not supposed to have to dig deep for the hidden meanings. It is what it is...and a true "fan" accepts that. Its fun, lighthearted...and yes, occasionally pretty shallow. But its designed to be as such, so quit your bitching.

Using those thoughts, allow me to shift gears and address your American Life slam. (Yes, I will defend it.) I'll certainly admit that American Life is by far one of Madonna's weakest albums due to the fact that her career is built around being a pop icon...and plain and simple, American Life is not what I would call a pop album. The lyrics are definitely heavy compared to say, "Music", and the music itself moves away from the trip-hop/electronic/dance combination that Madonna is so often associated with. I guess I won't go any farther here, because I don't expect or event want to change your opinion of the album. Take it for what it is...and if you don't like it, thats fine. Don't listen to it. But I like the album, and those of you who try to beat its alleged worthlessness into other people's heads annoy the shit out of me. Grow up.

In closing, I have one final remark.
Anybody who calls Madonna "talentless", "dull", "garbage" (insert your insult of choice)...really doesn't have a clue. Madonna's talent and success as an "artist" are undeniable. She is the most successful female recording artist of all time, and hasn't shown any signs of stopping yet. Add to that the fact that shes been around for going on 3 decades, is coming upon the age of 50, and still outperforms the Madonna-wannabe pop-princesses of our generation...and I don't see how people can't at least give her some sort of credit. For someone to last as long as she has in the entertainment industry, while continually producing Number 1's, is pretty remarkable. Obviously, her continual "reinventions" are not without success.

Oh, and p.s., if Madonna is vapid and shallow...then what is there to say about Kylie Minogue? As big or bigger than Madonna throughout Europe, I can't think of a song that primarily comprised of"LaLaLaLaLa's"...

Go figure.


Wow...finally someone is seeing this dried up old untalented wind bag for what she is...I doubt that when she is 60 and still trying to belt out like a virgin that even the gay community will be willing to listen...she is on a death spiral IMO and is trying to latch on the next young shooting star to hook her parasitic talons into and suck the life out of in order to keep her anemic career going...she recently stated in a magazine article that she rarely lets her daughter see her perform and definately she did not let her watch her on MTV when she tongued kissed Britney and Christina...she says she does not even let them watch tv at home yet she thrives on pumping out that image to other peoples kids...that is why she is linked to Lindsay Lohan and Britney...their audience is in her daughters peer group...that little slip in moral judgement will come back to bite her when her kids get older...further she has become the very religious fanatic that she has alwasy rebelled against in her music...what an f'n joke...her daughter will be rebleiing against Kabblah like Madonna does the Catholic church one day...wake up are a media whore, publicityy prostitute and have made a science out of hypocrisy!


There's a lot to say about comments, as they reflect the writers personality. I think true wisdom should be listening, not talking.


What more can a person say about the Beast... I can only reiterate that her hypocrisy is monumental....she has made a billion$$ from appearing on TV!!! in fact NBC is paying millions to broadcast this COAD shit....wasn`t it just months ago she blasted TV...from where the hell does she think her fans watch MTV...just a question and as for her kids I can hardly wait to see how they will react when someone brings the Sex Book to school for show and tell.


This being my first post I want to say I love your blog, Rich! I'm officially addicted! While I disagree with your views on Madonna I respect them since they're delivered so deliciously.

I'd like to say to the people going on about how they hate Madonna as if it's such a unique stance - like they're the first to ever do it - that people have been bitching about her since the very beginning. Anyone old - or is that wise? - enough to remember 1993 knows the story. So really you guys aren't being the revolutionaries you think you are. In fact, you're actually feeding into the machine.


The genius of Madonna is that she takes plastic dance pop elements and infuses them with a little bit of that something extra that makes an enduring piece of pop art. There's real artistic unity and vision beneath the trashy elements. The same is true of her 80s image... The blond hair, the Monroe-ish sexy/innocence, the religious stuff, all of it was resonant in ways that most performers only dream about. There can be profundity in simplicity. "Life is a mystery/Everyone must stand alone"... we have yet to hear Britney, Justin Timberlake or anyone approach those lyrics in a dance-pop context.


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