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November 14, 2005



Ohmagod! That shyt was soooo damn funny last night! The Golden Shower?? Man this was good....*smile*



Oh, yeah, Unsolved Mysteries used to be my fave too but then I caught on to A&E. Can leave the TV on that channel all day! Love your site, makes me laugh and that makes me happy! *wink*


Those two are far too composed to be Bob and Whit.


Are there any rumblings of if or when we might be seeing a BBB:2? I missed Whit at that black awards show she was recently at, but people were saying she was looking decent...I'm pheenin' for my queen of tha night...

And what's the deal with her comeback album she was doing with Clive Davis? If 2005 was the year of Mimi, I am so ready for 2006 to be the year of Whitney....But she needs a nickname equal to or better than Mimi...Any suggestions?


i have sen all the boondocks 1 - 15
are there going to come more?


Yo my home who made Boondocks I'm a Biiiiiiiig Fan!

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What great cartoon, I really like the photos, I love the series because the boondocks called my attention, the story about The opening sequence of season 1 is also remarkably similar to that of Samurai Champloo, and the opening to season was rather similar to the intro of Bebop and the intro for season also used a trumpet as part of the opening theme mix which the jazz instrument and jazz was used as the theme for Bebop!!!!

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Hahaaha, that was really funny, I don't really understand why this people like being in trouble and int he middle of the public's eyes!

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Well.... The French have a point about obesity. And definitely about commercialism. But still, as a Halloween-loving American, I'd find it hard!

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What a beautiful post, Vivian! Happy Halloween to you and your family - especially to adorable Mason. My, what big claws he has!

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