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December 09, 2005



Is that the face that Tyra was talking about in an earlier episode with the vaseline makeup "an innocent/baby/virgin look"? Cos if I ever look like that in a photo it is because Im higher than a kite and worried that I will look all high inthe photo so I make my eyes real wide but then i just look crazy.

I also find it frigtening that Naima looks better with Jays hair...and vice versa.
Poor girl.


>nobody say "exotic!"


>Yeah, Nik was robbed, and yeah, probably for icky-ish racial-ish reasons. But there are reasons beyond the black-girl turkey (three strikes!) that make Nicole kind of a no-brainer winner.

Yeah...I'm still riding with my three strikes theory. And based thereupon, it seems like Nicole just ended up being all that was left after a few bad cuts earlier in the season. The names Lisa and Kim come to mind as more justifiable "non-exotic" winners.

But whatever. None of this really matters anyway. Winning Top Model is about as irrelevant as a Hot Piece of Pussy hanging out at Noah’s Arc. Nobody cares.


rich, i'll have your gay babies, if only for the eyebrows on eva.

and my gawwwd she has put on weight!


Rich, I nearly spit out my coffee when I saw that Divine eyebrows!! Pure genius, honey...pure genius!

Thank you for that last shot of Tyra- I will have nightmares until I'm as old as...well, Janice.


I just got it: the repeated usage of "Ew" in yesterday's mini re-cap (including HUGE red type over screen grabs) was not just in reference to Nicole winning. It's also heard in the show's opening music:
Ew Top Model!
Ew Top Model!


Bravo!!! What a delicious recap to end all recaps! I totally enjoyed the Ew-full post yesterday too. Nicole grates a little on my nerves, what with the white-girl scream she lets out time and time again and general annoyingness of her personhood. Ah well, I understand her winning tho, and do think Nik will have a darned good career anyway. Thank you for all the great recaps for this most entertaining show--between you and the TWoP recaps & board comments, I've never LOLed as much in my life! Looking forward to the next cycle, as well as when and if Janice D. comes out with her model-competition show as I heard she was!


Eva looks like a disaster in that picture. Rich's drawn-on eyebrows are actually an improvement. What the hell happened to that girl? She's giving me definite Miss Piggy vibes now.

Naima's just gross and kind of sad. I saw her on Tyra's talk show rehashing her old partying ways with some therapist Tyra brought in. It was pathetic and riduculous. "I felt ugly so I partied it up." Boo fricking hoo. Hey, is that Tara Reid's excuse too?


tyra looks like a blowup doll. she mocked one of the girls (i believe it was jayla?) for looking like an inflatable fuck-toy, but my god, has the fivehead got it down.

on another note:
nik's boobs are fabulous. love the gif.


oh. and i am glad bre did not break down and cry when she got botted. that little black girl from harlem scored some extra points with me. she knew she wasn't going to win... i think she was just tired and glad to be going home.

(love the jill scott ref! she'll prolly go all smackdown next week at the reunion when the truths come from the mouths of the babes)...


Like Whitney sang, "It's not right but it's okay"....Nik will make it anyway. lol! Just lame. The show has become incredibly snarky but with each compelling recap Rich becomes that much more beautiful. Czesh!


Oh, I'm actually now all misty-eyed. What shall I do once the season is over and your recaps are done?

Fantastic job, Rich. I'm already looking forward to the NEXT round of girls cast not on their looks, but on their potential hysterics, which, God bless you, Tyra Banks.


Did Naima get fat? She has been looking kind of bloated. Her pictures on the website and her general appearance are very un-modelesque.

Didn't get to see ANTM5 so thank you for the recaps. Wish I could have watched the finale (was Nicole really that great on the runway?). Still think Nik would have made a better model, but after 2 non-white models, I think Tyra decided she had to listen to the real racist world.


Can we talk? Just for a second. Nicole should have won. It's TRUE. Her Cover Girl picture was better. Nik's smile looked a little like the Joker without make-up. And after Naima, you know Cover Girl was all "We want a girl who won't put people to sleep. Nik's lack of personality might put people to sleep...".

And really, isn't Ms. Jay the real next top model? The Grace Jones outfit almost made me drop my bong.


Man, that picture confirms that Naima looked as rough backstage at the fashion show as I remember, and she's still totally dull. I think Tyra et al had a lot of nerve saying that Nik and Nicole were boring (and I'm not a fan of the whole "obnoxious bitch=personality" construct) when Naima sounds downright dim.


KITTIES! Where are the kitties?


Rich, have I ever told you that you were my hero? Because you are. Before I found fourfour I was ashamed and confused about my ANTM fascination, but now I am out and proud. You have validated my existence. I owe so much to you.

And if you don't recap "Project Runway," I may in fact die. And you don't want that on your conscience, do you?


Are you sticking around for season... I mean Cycle 6?


Me? Of course! It's ride or die with Tyra.


Dis fool done switched the hair of Naimi and Mr. Jay. Lord have mercy. Boy, you crazy.


riddled with the sadness that was nik's defeat, the only thing I find more sad, is not being able to read your lovely recaps Rich... it is almost like they made the show for me. I can't wait till cycle 6! And I can't wait to hear what you have to say about cycle 6!


Rich, it's been said a bunch of times before, but your recaps have taken the ANTM experience to a whole new level of enjoyment!!!! Merci beaucoup


I can die happy now.

duh duh duh


Until next year ANTM. On to Project Runway!

John H.

Eva is definitely America's Next Black Joey Heatherton.

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