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December 17, 2005


pris b

definitely right about kara. between the angst and the hairstyle, i was beginning to wonder whether she was deliberately emulating virginia woolf:


let's hope she takes the impression to another level and walks into a river with her pockets full of rocks someday soon.


I liked Nick's dress. I am an Aunt, albeit a queer one...and if my nieces were younger, they would totally wear that! Andrae' needs to just GO. He works my last gay nerve. Honey, I thought we had enough queer drama last season with Jay and Austin Scarlett, but this season is over the top! I agree, Rich. This is the gayest shit ever! And I know nothing about fashion either.

Diva Delux

I love that shot of Santino!
He's such a little bitch about losing... it's like going to be the highlight of every episode!
I totally can't wait for him to go off on Nina Garcia... you know it's coming...
"Why don't you hand out 4 auf wiedershens, Heidi Klume, and we can really get this thing started!"
Ohhh... that was neeerrvvyyy!


the thing that i cannot stop laughing about is the franco truffle shuffle. GENIUS.

but yeah, i agree about him. i've been saying it since i found out daniel was back for this season: he needs to fucking leave. it's unfair to the other people that he's even back. he should have just sucked it up and proven himself elsewhere.

he's one meltdown away from quitting. i know it.

and by the way, i still adore santino. even with his pissy attitude.


LOVED the cut-and-paste of Daniel Franco on the jiggly man--his disembodied head's expressions were channeling the brilliant use of Saddam Hussein's disembodied head on South Park.


I definitely hate Kara. She should have gotten kicked off with that 10 year old garbage. Say what you want about Daniel Franco.... I still want to bang his ass.

manhattan offender

"wiggedy wack"? I thought it was "wickity wack". I'll never be able to keep up with you fashionistas and your lingo.

Note to paperclip: Have no doubt that Franco will want a mirror in the room when you bang him and will pause occasionally to evaluate the position in which he is being banged.


I miss Austin and his shiny lips.....

M to the G

Santino's a definite talent, but doesn't he kind of look like a Vietnam veteran sometimes?


Andrae is definitely trying to channel Ann Marie on "That Girl" running through the city. Sorry hon but you're no Marlo Thomas.


Santino is a cross between Mick Fleetwood

and Frank Zappa

I look forward equally to his designs and his hilarious attitude.

No screen-shot of him rocking himself in the corner, bemoaning his non-supremacy?


mo: You say "wickity," I say "wiggedy" and Kris Kross probably said "wiggida," but CLOSE ENOUGH.

Fuzzy: Isn't the picture under No. 3 what you're talking about?


hate kara! (i wanted her to get swallowed by the escalater what swallowed her barbie hat)
hate daniel! (the shuffle made me convulse)
hate, hate, hate andrae! (everything about him is cause for death!)

love the show, though! the best gay shit on teevee

t kitty

hey! the advocate didn't mention guadalupe! i have my suspicions that she's a big ol' queer too. or maybe i'm just confused because dyke haircuts are no longer just for dykes...

now, like so many other viewers, i know next to nothing about fashion, but i do know that Heidi's line of Birkenstocks are nothing but hideous:


gayest neil

"Is there a Hard Livin' Trick-N-Sniff Barbie for them?"

Those are sufficiently covered by the Bratz dolls.


calling it now: final three will be Chloe, Nick & Santino


I hate Kara! I thought she should have been the one to leave.. but Tim Gunn actually liked her creation thing... He says so in his "blog"... :P

Andrae and Santino's emo-ness and angsty-ness is seriously getting on my nerves.. I wanted to like Santino b/c his dresses are nice (same for Daniel Franco) but ugh their personalities seriously make me want to strangle them.


May Peace
Hope and Love
be with you
and Always

Merry Christmas!


Word to the wickety wack. That was the best part of the whole show... save for the B3 christmas ep promos.


Ok we're never fucking again. How many times have i asked you to write about PRoject Runway and once you finally start doing it I don't even get a link in one of the stories??? you know hwo easy it is to link me to anything? eveyrtime u hate something u can just say ala Rocco and it will make complete sense..... totally not happy right now!


Oh my god, I think Daniel Franco is cute!


I think Tim's cute too.


Is Emmett gay? I'm having trouble guessing with him.

Mr. Prince

As far as the outfit, it was VERY similar to ones they have (believe me, I know about this series.)

is daniel franco gay???????


Emmett is definitely gay, and Daniel Franco is "officially" straight, although I think (read: desperately hope) he wants to taste the rainbow.

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